HELP NEEDED: To buy a guitar ... plz

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by samthehell, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. samthehell

    samthehell New Member

  2. samthehell

    samthehell New Member

    somebody please reply.
    its urgent...
    im counting on u people.
  3. samthehell

    samthehell New Member

    What The Hell???

    Nobody Replied In My Post!!

    Why The Hell Then You Made This Sub-forum??

    Beginners: Q & A ...

    That Means You Are Supposed Reply Somebody's Question!

    Now When I Have Asked Something >>>
    Why The Hell Nobody Replies???
  4. -Nemesis-

    -Nemesis- New Member

    Calm down man.
    People take time to come online.They don't live in front of their computers.
    You don't get squiers for 10k.
    They cost 12k as starter price.
    Try Slammer guitars..theres a guitar for 9k from them..
    Slammer is made by Hamer.
    You can also get Aria STG-006.
    Your wish off the two..
    Hese are the only two I like in that budget
  5. Noboru

    Noboru New Member

    Mexican Strat, Black, Nice, 18k. Ask ... in Bangalore.

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