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    Hi there,

    well plz help me. :confused:

    well i am a sort of newcomer to this site. but i lliked it very much for the interactions that go on here. keep it up. it helps other amateurs!! over the last few days i have been reading the old posted threads, and i think that the question that i ask might have been AN OFT ASKED ONE!

    well i have been learning a guitar for the last 17 months. and i am into minor chords now. have finished the major ones. i know to play some hindi songs, but i am interested in learning the english ones too, esp the rock songs. but some days back i read ur forum and then tried to decipher the strumming pattern of "back to you" - by bryan adams, since i had got its chords from the net. i listened to the song carefully many times, say 3-4 times, but was unable to find its strrumming pattern.

    so can anyone help me as to how i should decipher the strumming pattern not just of this song, but other songs too. i desperately want to learn rock songs. plz can anyone help me out. how should i go abt this.

    plz help me :nw:


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