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    hi 2 all new to this community + at playin songs on guitar....ive read thoroughly what is posted on this site... the problem is dat most of da posting have lyrics + chords written on top of dem but guitarists dun tell how to strum im new i know hw to hold and change chords but dont know the way to strum dem, so i can produce some tune, nor im a pro to analyze that from hearing the song....

    so can any1 be kind enuff to tell me a good simple song with strumming method(e.g u u d d u ) so i can learn to play my 1st song on the guitar... ??

    i hope 2 hear frm u guys soon!!!

    *waitin anxiously 2 get started*

    p.s. plz fwd me such material in MSword if any1 has it...
  2. folkpoet80

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    As a novice myself, I would advise that you get the feel of the song before even trying to play it. Then try to sing it while playing and soon you'll know what chord to play when. Also I find it easier to use alternate versions of chords (whatever suits me). A chord can be played in many different ways.
    Here's a good site:

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