Help me out...urgent!!.Gonna buy a new electric guitar

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by maxmetallica, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. maxmetallica

    maxmetallica New Member

    Hi IGT pals,
    I am going to buy a new electric guitar with an amplifier and a processor/pedal(watever u say).Can i buy these stuffs within Rs:15k....Me living in chennai,so pls tell any good shops which sells at a decent price and quality.My req is electric guitar, an amp(preferably smaller ones Eg:stranger CUBE 20) and a processor(me interested in metal and rock music).So tell me individual price ....thx allll:))
  2. insatanity

    insatanity New Member

    Whats the urgency about?
    Did u look at the older threads?
  3. flood

    flood New Member

    this is a forum, not a ****ing shop. and use the search function, this forum has one.
  4. yesh11

    yesh11 New Member

    alrit chill man! u can get it! :) i ll help u out! mail me! :) make it 20k, u ll get a awesome guitar as well as an amp :)

    I don come here often! mail me :)
  5. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    ...and which guitar and amp r u offering?
  6. yesh11

    yesh11 New Member

    i ll recommend you to get a ibanez grg270! but its a floyd rose! its extremely complicated to use it! it ll seem tat way n the begginin, later you will be fine :) or a fender strat! decent one! see it depends on wat u r gonna play! and get it! thn you will love wat u ve got! and wile gettin get a nice wood guitar, so that later u can change the pickups!
    Incase your getting a floyd rose don forget to check some stuffs of it da! lik intonation, action etc etc! these are ultra basic! remember tat dude!! Jus don go see it and get it, play it, take ur own time, even though ur jus a begginer, u jus know any shit to play, play all the frets and al the six strings! make sure it sounds good!
    do a lot of google search , read a lot of stuff abt ur guitars, hav a list of 3 to 4 guitars and choose the one aftr a lot of googlin :)

    glad to help!
  7. guitardoctor

    guitardoctor Will Rx for food

    For 15k with amp? Is that even possible? Where is this magic shop you buy gear from?

    What does that even mean? Cognitive dissonance?
  8. yesh11

    yesh11 New Member

    and the guitar MAKES A lot of difference in what you play, simple: you cant play HEAVY GAIN DISTORSION IN A STRAT, and u cant play clean in a BC RICH ! well you can, but its not gonna sound professional! so that makes a lot of difference!
  9. guitardoctor

    guitardoctor Will Rx for food

    A Squier is a Fender the way a movie about a prostitute is by Disney. The reason they're branded as Squiers and not Fender is because they're inferior and Fender wants to cater to the lower end market BUT also wants to dissociate the Fender brand name from them. Get it? It's not a ****in accident.

    You are talking to an absolute beginner here. Misleading him by calling Squiers as "a decent fender" is wrong.
  10. yesh11

    yesh11 New Member

    nw ur an a*****e! squiers are not equal to a strat! but they are pretty decent! and more than enuf for a beginner! and i kno a lot of pple wo do live shows wid squiers! Fender strat = amazing , squier = decent! and btr than ibanez grg series! duuh!
  11. guitardoctor

    guitardoctor Will Rx for food

    Don't even know why I'm wasting my breath. On any other forum I'd think troll, You're just a douche.

    With the OP gone, I'm not going to argue semantics with a cunt, you got that?

    Maxmetallica, if you come back, try posting on the general forum, it's cunts like this who give the community a bad name. Throwing abuses around at the first sign of opposition. Cunts who cannot even entertain the POSSIBILITY that they might be wrong. THEY ARE RIGHT, always. Jesus. A Squier is a "decent" Fender.

    I'm out. Cry me a river, douchebag.
  12. flood

    flood New Member

    bullshit. anything lower than a squier deluxe series sucks donkey balls. the GRG is pretty pathetic too, but the squier affinity is pretty much in the same league of shittiness. you have no idea what you're talking about, douche.
  13. gpt

    gpt New Member

    damn .. so much love over here
    i can piss tears
  14. flood

    flood New Member

  15. gpt

    gpt New Member

    damn that pic was so explicit .. it got filtered out for p0rn
    finally pussy is legal on igt
  16. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Something I always wondered, how good would a Pacifica be if you upgrade the pickups and Tremol-no/block the tremolo (assuming the pots and stuff are already good)?
  17. maxmetallica

    maxmetallica New Member

    hahaha...i started this post long back before getting my guitar.I bought a strat with amp,10 picks for just 8k .The brand name is Silvertone.Its cheap and good (not the best).As a begineer,i like its price:) .But cant play metal stuffs though.Too bad, ppl here started to fight for sugg..\m/
  18. bcrich

    bcrich New Member

    epic fail. Lol. Just read his post, you'll laugh big time..:D

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