help me on how to figure out the strumming

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by rockerjack73, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. rockerjack73

    rockerjack73 New Member

    Hey guys.... help me on how to figure out the strumming pattern of songs......
    i m a intermediate self trained player......
  2. sarindam777

    sarindam777 New Member

    Just listen for the beat and either stroke up or down or keep silent/let it ring.
    Just match the beat of the song.
  3. rockerjack73

    rockerjack73 New Member

    the problem with me bout the chord strumming is not bout up n down movements....but for how long a chord is strumed.......
  4. aniketdave

    aniketdave aniket

    Try this..
    this is how i learnt to pick up strumming patterns..

    play the chord using continuous up and down strums.
    ie.- ^v^v^v^v

    match it to the beat according to the song (2/4, 3/4 or 4/4).. one up and down strum per beat

    Try not to go out of beat..

    then try to figure out the pattern by strumming on some of the beat and leaving some of them empty..

    for example, practice these..go in order ( v-down strum, ^-up strum, - :dont strum)

    v- v- v- v-

    v- v^ v- v-

    v^ v- v^ v-

    v^ v^ v^ v-

    v^ v^ v^ v^

    v- -^ -^ v-

    v- v^ -^ v^

    v- -^ -^ v-

    Note - Remember, the most important thing is to move ur strumming hand even when you're not not strumming on a particular beat.. the hand movement should continue in a regular up and down pattern

    finally try some of these patterns.. they work with most hindi songs..

    v- v^ -^ v^ : This one is called twist

    v- -^ -- v- : This one is called keharwa (Ya, it's the same as the keharwa taal in tabla which is used in most hindi songs)

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