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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by sumit993192289, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. sumit993192289

    sumit993192289 New Member

    hey i m planning to buy an electric guitar..i have a cube roland 15x.....and a semielectrci guitar........but now i want to play pure electric guitar ....with ma max budget of RS 15000
    plz suggest best guitar in this type of budget....coz i want to purchase it at the end of this month.... and i have selected some models
    1. ibanez grg170dx
    2. ibanez grg 270dx
    3. fender squire
    plzz suggest me
  2. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    What style do you play. If its anything other that metal, i would suggest the GreG Bennet Av3. For metal Corts are good too, i guess.
  3. bcrich

    bcrich New Member

  4. ace41

    ace41 New Member

    ^ Why is the 170dx the least recommended ? :(
  5. bcrich

    bcrich New Member

    atleast its recommended.
  6. sumit993192289

    sumit993192289 New Member

    hey guys can plzz give me all info of ibanez220dex????????
    i mean pros &cons
  7. sumit993192289

    sumit993192289 New Member

    hey plzz tell me info abt these guitar ......are they good?????
    b,coz i need to buy in the end of this month do plzz telll........
    priority is which sounds best and also look stylish......any other suggestions invited...

    1. Cort X2 Venom Skulls Limited Edition Electric Guitar
    2. Cort Zenox Series Z42 Electric Guitar
    3. Greg Bennett Avion AV3 Electric Guitar
    4. Greg Bennett MB-30 Malibu Electric Guitar
    5. Greg Bennett Avion AV1 Electric Guitar
    6. Greg Bennett Formula FA-2 Telecaster Electric Guitar
    7. Greg Bennett Torino SG Style TR-3 Electric Guitar
    8. Cort M Series M200 Electric Guitar
    9. Cort X2-SA Limited Edition Electric Guitar with Custom Graphics
    10. Cort EVL-K2 EVL Series Electric Guitar with Floyd Rose Tremolo
    11. Cort EVL-Z2 Les Paul Style Electric Guitar
    12. Cort KX5-FR Double Cut Electric Guitar
    13. Cort X1 Electric Guitar - Best Buy
    14. Cort X-Series X-2 Electric Guitar
    15. Cort X Series X5 Electric Guitar
    16. Cort X6-SA Electric Guitar with Asassinator Graphics
    17. Cort X6-SM Electric Guitar w/ Maple Neck, Floyd Rose Trem
    18. Cort Zenox Series Z42 Electric Guitar - Made in Indonesia
  8. nripen

    nripen New Member

    go wit the 2. ibanez grg 270dx. thats a good beginner metal guitar. if you play metal.
  9. bcrich

    bcrich New Member

    cort x6. i've told you before.

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