HELP ME DECIDE! Yamaha or Fender or Washburn?

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by gokussjx, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. gokussjx

    gokussjx New Member

    Hello, I'm dying, literally!!! My signature (Indian) guitar broke some days ago :-(
    Now, I want to buy a new guitar. I've skills of an intermediate, & knowledge more than
    intermediate. But I'm stuck, Please HELP! Please note, I haven't played any of these axes,
    due to local unavailability. (And I can't get my hands on them too) Also, will solid top really make a vast difference in this budget???

    -->My budget is NOT MORE THAN Rs.14000/-

    -->Please suggest me the best guitar among the list: (Also the price, if possible)

    #Yamaha APX500 Thinline Electro-Acoustic Guitar (My preference)

    #Silvertone SD50

    #Yamaha FG700S (My preference)

    #Fender CD-60 (My preference)

    #Washburn WD7SA

    #Epiphone AJ-200S

    #Yamaha F-370

    #Yamaha F-310 (My preference)

    Please reply & help me out of this situation. (I have access to Hyderabad & Nagpur shops only.)

    Thanks in advance.
  2. madman1987

    madman1987 New Member

  3. cheesy_chester

    cheesy_chester New Member

    Yamaha FG700S anytime it has solid top and price is abt 14-15k
  4. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Play, hear and feel them all, and see what you like more.
  5. david5505cool

    david5505cool New Member

    go fr washburn dude... nice guit..... u can fell it wn u play tat guitar
  6. gokussjx

    gokussjx New Member

    Sing & Play

    Well, there's another additional choice. I've the chance to get a Yamaha APX500 Thinline Electro-Acoustic Guitar.

    Lemme tell you about myself: I'm an intermedite player, & I sing. I mostly prefer Blues & countries. The problem is that, the Dreadnoughts do not go quite well with my voice. Thinlines sound synchronised with my voice.

    Ignore the price tag of Yamaha APX500, coz I may get it at a great lesser price.

    So, my new query, what should I do??? Take the Yamaha APX500, or should I take some other good thinline acoustic guitar WITHIN Rs.15000/- ???
    I don't care for electric features, all I care is good tone, & smooth & easy playbility. What do you suggest, dear saviours???
  7. navinadv

    navinadv New Member

    Have you looked at the Yamaha CPX series? The APX series are thinline and really sound much better amped. The CPX (Compass) bodies are bigger and hence have more tone.

    Why no Ovation or Guild in that list?
  8. gokussjx

    gokussjx New Member


    Hello there,

    Thanks for the suggestion. Indeed, CPX is bigger bodied, but so is the price. *sigh*

    My max budget is Rs20,000 (or let's say 24, conditionally). I can get APX500 for 24k. Sound sounds beautiful :)
    As for Ovations & Guilds, well, I'm still a student, that too dependent on parents. And I can't persuade them to shell out nigh lakhs... No doubt, Ovation, Guild, Martin, Taylor make the top list, but so do they rank in the price list... Also, availability outside metros for such guitars is a huge factor...

    I think Apx500 would do, what do you reckon?

    BTW, thank's again for the suggestions.
  9. gokussjx

    gokussjx New Member

    Thank you :)

    Well, you're welcome :)
    Finally, i got my treasure... Yamaha APX 500.

    Man, it's AWESOME!!! Very beautiful & sweet sound.
    Again, it's a personal choice. :)
    Choices differ from person to person.
    I do both fingerpicking & strumming. And it beautifully outputs it. My voice synchronises with it :)

    Oh, btw, to those in need for a new mid/budget end acoustic axe, always include the following in your try/option list:

    Yamaha F370 (dreadnought)
    Washburn D10S (dreadnought)
    Yamaha FG 700S (dreadnought)
    Yamaha FG 720S (dreadnought)
    Yamaha FGX 720S (dreadnought)
    Yamaha FS 720S (dreadnought)
    Yamaha APX 500 (thinline)

  10. musicpeeps

    musicpeeps New Member

    Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar

    I strongly suggest Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar it's $199.99 and ships for Free. The Yamaha FG700S acoustic guitar continues this tradition by providing you with music whose quality is unquestionable. In fact, the sound quality of this guitar outstrips that of other models of a much higher price range. I have one mate!
  11. gokussjx

    gokussjx New Member


    Indeed... I've heard it many times, so I won't deny the fact.

    But the fact remains that India does NOT sell it's products for exact currency equivalents. :-(

    $199+free shipping for you is not INR 9,034 for us (as ought to be), but we get for more than INR 14,000 (around $350). So you see, quite limited options... Also, that model is NOT available everywhere in India, but in major cities only (that too, quite few). But anyway, my next guitar (after few years) would be Yamaha FG 7xxS :)

    Thanks for your opinion buddy.

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