Help me buying acoustic guitar!

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by 4octave, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. 4octave

    4octave New Member

    Fender FA- 100
    Yamaha F310
    Or Ibanez jam pack (cost around 6k-7k) ?

    I want a solid body.
    Which one will be better? Guys please suggest me. Or is there any other good brand or model?
  2. 4octave

    4octave New Member

    Please reply soon! Urgent!
  3. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    Just buy a guitar. It's not rocket science. Go into a shop, try it and if you like it, buy it. Not everyone can make out the difference between different types of wood and while even the slightest detail does affect the sound of the guitar, the difference isn't always discernible. Some of the questions you've posed, I can answer:

    a) An F cut makes life easier if you want to play higher than the 14th fret. Whether you need to play higher than the 14th fret depends on the music you're playing. If you like dreadnoughts without F-cuts, buy one.
    b) Buy a 21 fret guitar. It's a standard size.
    c) Honestly, just buy one. Start playing. If you're still interested a year or two down the line, buy a better one.
  4. 4octave

    4octave New Member

    Thanks for the reply @bjr
    but can you suggest me some brands or anything. i hope this will help me.
    I agree with you answer.
  5. aryasridhar

    aryasridhar New Member

    Cort Guitars are nice, and so are Yamaha - I went today looking for a Steel String acoustic guitar and ended up getting a Yamaha C70 Nylon String Guitar......Amazing sound for the price really, Nice crisper notes and good depth in the overall tone........

    It basically comes down to your ears and the kind of tone you are looking for, I would say check as many guitars as you can and get the right one, that sounds right, and plays well for you.....

    I think the Cort AD810 is a good guitar, i tried it today and it was nice sounding had more depth than the Yamaha F310.....
    But the cort had a really rough neck finish which i didn't like, I think it was just that specific one that had that kind of neck........otherwise had a good sound to it.....But whichever guitar you get, its always a good idea to get it setup properly by someone who knows how to do so......
  6. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    For the 5k range, you'd probably get a Pluto/Granada/J&D/GB&A which you'd like. On a slightly higher range (around 7-8k), I've played some pretty nice Samicks and Fenders.

    Also, while choosing between a lowest range Yamaha and a high range Pluto/GB&A, I've normally liked the high end lesser brand guitars better. It will depend on personal preference though.
  7. 4octave

    4octave New Member

    I'm goin' for Epiphone DR-100 or Fender FA-100...

    And my last question is...... whats the use of bound neck/fretboard like "gb&a SAG 110CEQ" ?

    Any suggestions on guitar buzzing or fret buzz? And how do i point out?
  8. 4octave

    4octave New Member

    Ok now i have decided to buy Epiphone DR-100 or Fender FA-100 Natural.
  9. 4octave

    4octave New Member

    i want steel string acoustic...
  10. 4octave

    4octave New Member

    How much Epiphone DR-100 and Fender FA-100 cost? (no online store because i wont buy it online)
  11. dwingrider

    dwingrider New Member

    I am shopping for a new guitar too...
    FA-100 costs 7500 in the shops that I checked out.
    Epiphone DR-100 was 8500 I believe

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