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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by Aarcuz, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. Aarcuz

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    i hav chkd a lot of guitars ....finally i am gettin a hobner...plz tel me wht wud the rite prize the salesman is askin for 3k....yet to bargain with him...i am buyin a black plz tel me is there a problem in buyin a single colour guitar....coz i hav heard the sound is nt gud in a single colour guitar...and yes its a acoustic guitar
  2. 3k i feel is a little steep.....
    where r u located btw....hobner from what i know is allrite..
    when u buy a guitar check the string action ie how much the string is raised from the fret board..if it too high dont buy it...then comes the sound quality and the wood that is used..
    anyway my suggestion is go for
    givson venus rose...its made from rose wood and has a gr8 will come under 2500..and buy it without the the volume and tone knob..and pickups..
    and yeah buy the export quality one..and its the only givson i have found which is playable..
  3. nebuchadnezzar

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    I personally feel that Hobners are better than Givsons...
    @aarcuz...What model r u buying??If its the Model 265 ...i think the price is around 2.6-2.7K.....and make sure u try out as many guitars (even the same model) as required..u shud be comfortable with the sound and the action of the instrument....if u dont have a clear idea of what kind of sound is good..i suggest u take someone knowledgable along ...and I don think the colour matters ;)
  4. hobner IS better than givsons....tho the givson model i mentioned is pretty good for a givson..probably better than most hobner acoustics...
    i could post a few clips played with the givson venus rose...u could then be able to decide..tell me if u want me to
  5. DrSaurabh

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    dunno abt that.....i ve played quiet a few hobners...and givsons..for my tastes..givsons suck...(no offence dime.. :p) and try to get one with a spruce top...i got my hob(yeah a 265 ) for around 2.5..the best thing abt the model i have is it has a floating bridge so the action can be adjusted pretty sure u get one with in built PUs in it.....i remember seein one at furtados, mumbai......dont think the finish will affect the price much....i wud suggest one with a F hole rather than a round hole....the fs give u a much clearer tone....but then that has been my experience..
  6. nebuchadnezzar

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    I prefer round hole acoustics.....I have tried a few f-cut acoustics by hobner as well as givson...they seem to be lacking sumthing in their sound...newaz...everybody has his own taste...
    Doc....where do u get spruce top Hobners????i am actually looking for an upgrade...considering buying a Hobner..within 3.5K....purely for acoustic playing
  7. DR.....i know that givsons only talkin abt this one model which ive got...
    givson-venus rose export quality

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    Hobner 265 is Rated Best here in Bangalore..

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