help: hw to play solos with effectiive bends.

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by sam#3, Nov 5, 2008.

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    Guys m lukin fr sum help.... Fr playing solos... Especially those wid wah involving long stretched bends.... M not able to get those bends... m clueless.. Whats d perfect way to gv bends??
    fr hw many notes i shud bend the note m playing... I suppose, it must b to the next notes of the scale in which solo is being played... But do scales really wrap the solo perfectly or u play d solo s u hear frgetting abt d theory... (Newys, m weak at theory too, trying to learn...)
    N ya, hw do u move ur fingers fr giving long stretched bends??
    Fr example, say, the solo fr 'awake' by godsmack, the ending part of the solo is only on one or two notes, but the bends seem to make it sound as it is played...
    Take 'zehreelay' frm rock on... Sounds as it is played fast... But, its all abt bends.....
    Will sumbdy help me with the technique of playing solos?? N hw to use the pedal effectively? I try to gv bends using more of wah rather than moving fingers.... lukin fr an expert's suggestion...

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