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Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by Madni, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. Madni

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    hyeee , wats up , i was just wondering if any one could tell me a good software/program to tune ma guitar , i downloaded AP tuner but its kind of giving problem now , tell me the name of a s/w and the site from where i can download that . help would make a difference .
  2. jayanth

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  3. DrSaurabh

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    try this small and a fabulous tuner where it tells u how much to tune up or down....and also has th feature to make ur own tunings...and its damn accurate...and its freeware
  4. DrSaurabh

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    BTW its called minituner:)
  5. jayanth

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    thanks Saurabh..
  6. pacificwaters

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    hi drsaurabh and jayanth,

    thanks for the sites suggested for downloading this tuning software. i have downloaded it. but tell me can this software equally help in tuning the acoustic guitar.

  7. jayanth

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    It does.. If you room is really quite, YOu have the Fan turner off..
  8. DrSaurabh

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    for thw accoustic....the minituner or no fan.....ive been using it for the past 2 yrs mebbe more..
    or i have a pic up in my acoustic so i just connect it thru the line in....:)
  9. DrSaurabh

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    @jay..anytime man....;)
  10. sayanakaharry

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    I like the tuner that comes bundled with Cakewalk Pro Audio 9. Its really accurate and responsive.
  11. jayanth

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    Anysoftware Tuner is accurate.. As long as the conditions you use them in are right.. too much noise CAN. I didnt say WILL.. ruin the tuning..

    When you use pickups, FAN does not matter.. Its when you use a mic to tune..
  12. jayanth

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  13. pacificwaters

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    hey jayanth and drsaurabh,

    well regarding the minituner, i downloaded all the 3 versions but none of them opens. it gets installed but doesnt run. just cant understand why??????---can u suggest if i shd do some changes - drsaurabh thats for u

    and yes regarding tuning, well i have a acoustic guitar, but i have no mike or a pic to connect it to the computer. i just have the speakers,thats all. so will i be able to tune the guitar by just listening to the sound of the speakers, when i press a particular note. ??? -- hey jayanth can u help me out.

  14. jayanth

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    YOu should goto and find the link to the tuner.. That will give you sound of each string.. And you can tune by listening to the sound of each string..
  15. jayanth

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  16. jayanth

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    Tuning Your Guitar:

    Learning to tune your guitar is a process that takes time, and kind of grows into a maturity over the first few years of playing. You have to develop an "ear" ... you must become familiar with the nuances of what's "sharp" and what's "flat" and what's "in" pitch. I think a good practice excersize is to play with one note ... tuning it to pitch ... raising the pitch and *hearing* what "sharp" means ... lowering the pitch, and *hearing* what "flat" means, and so on.

    Learn to know when the pitch is sharp or flat ... take some time to twist a tuning peg around and listen to a note move to the flat or sharp zone so you become familiar with which is which. Do this by fretting the D (4th) string at the 5th fret and playing a G note, while you twist the G (3rd) string above proper pitch ... then down to match the exact pitch ... then below it ... and back up again. Do this a million times.

    Also, here are some cool books about tuning your guitar:

    @ Tuning Your Guitar
    by Matt Scharfglass, Donald Brosnac

    @ Tuning the Guitar by Ear
    by Gerald Klickstein

    @ Guitar Tuning Pack :
    Everything You Need to Know About Tuning the Guitar
    by Dale Turner

    NOTE: Electronic tuners are great tools ... especially on stage, when it can be hard to listen to the pitch variances involved in tuning. But aside from the stage, you should learn to tune your guitar by ear. The more familiar you become with tuning by ear, the better you will be at discerning the accuracy of what you're doing, even when you are using a tuner. Don't develop a lazy ear by using the tuner all the time!

    ------- Alan Horvath
  17. DrSaurabh

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    @pacific...if the one u downloaded is 1.4, it works with ME and 2k but dunno if it works with if u have XP..chek it with the site..i dnlaoded this like 2 yrs ago...and if u have guitar pro it also plays the notes....for each string so u can compare...but methinks..that does req ear training..i cant do it that accurately...but its a matter of choice.....tho dont think it can be as accurate as software tuning..u can try getting electronic tuners...dunno abt their prices tho.....BTW the minituner is pretty accurate without the PU too :)
  18. jayanth

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    Thats why you dont use Windows anymore.. What is Mac and Linux for..
  19. pacificwaters

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    hey jayanth,

    thanks for the 2 links you gave me. i visited the link. it is fantastic. but it is good only for people who have net connection at home. i am a bachelor staying in a hostel, so then if i have to use this site i will have to take it to the cafe for tuning (i.e. my guitar) always ;-) what say.

    there is this chap in my adjoining room who has a pc, so can u not tell me a site from where i can download a software (free of course....... indians are always interested in free stuff!!!!!!!---right) and then dump it into his pc and tune my guitar sitting in his room instead of going to the cafe??????? to tune it......

    and yes i also visited the alanhorvath site. but i didnt get the link to the tuner, as u had told me to get.

    anyway will try it again.

    do help me

    and yes someone also suggested the cakewalk pro audio 9 software. what is it. is it available for downloading on the net??

  20. jayanth

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    Try they may have a tuner.. Cakewalk is not a free software.. Can you send me your email.. I will send you a midi file with easy string played 6 times and you can tune your guitar string by string??

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