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Discussion in 'Misc Musical Instruments' started by ywdhfjtu, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. ywdhfjtu

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    Hi!! Guys,
    I m playin' acoustic guitar since last 3 years. M in a dilemma to purchase which electric guitar. My budget is between 9k to 11k only 4 guitar. I already have MARSHALL AMP 10 RMS. I hve seen many brands and there models. Some of them are SQUIER BY FENDER, some models of IBANEZ, YAMAHA PACIFICA 012 and 112J. Which one cud be better? Can u tell me d exact/approximate price of any of models? Specifically Yahama?
  2. rajmusicals

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    Visit to get prices of almost all models of Yamaha, Fender & Ibanez
  3. Fastlicks

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    ywdhfjtu ,
    Cheap electrics are either made from plywood or mutiple pieces of wood pasted together like sqr. The body of the guitar ( Not so much the pick ups ) and the neck are the main things for good tonal quality. Denser and heavier the wood better will be the sustain , better grain gives better tone.
    Try playing the notes after the 12th fret without any reverve or any DSP with tone controls on guitar and amp fully turned clockwise. if the tone is fatter than the other guitars and sustains longer compared to the other guitars of similar price , buy it. Do not go for the name !
    You could even go for a beat up 2nd hand guitar of better quality/ brand.
    Best wishes ,
  4. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    guitar made of plywood??? i dont think so man.........even the cheap java aint made out of plywood.........

    everything else you said is spot on.......
  5. Jimmy Page

    Jimmy Page New Member

    Hey I myself bought Yamaha pacifica 012.its a thriller man!!!it will cost eleven thousand bucks.squier is also in the same price band but u are getting a humbucking pickup in Yamaha.Go for it.

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