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Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by kalychak, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. kalychak

    kalychak New Member

    Hi me kalyan

    a newbie in learning guitar & to this site also

    i wanna buy a guitar & just had a negotiation with a guy

    the details of the guitar are ACOUSTIC GUITAR (EPEPHONE)

    was it a good one i mean OK to buy & learn, practice&master with this one

    & what is EPEPHONE,i really don't know it

    it is a 6 string guitar & can any one tell me what is the difference between 6 string & 12 string

    & if i get a 6 string now in future can i modify it to 12 string

    & also please help me giving suggestions in buying
    last but not least IS THE GUITAR I MENTIONED OK TO BUY? (condition was excellent, as i don't know hot to check that just saying by seeing.sorry for this)

    please anyone help me

  2. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    If it was Epiphone, it's an internationally recognized brand. If it's an Epephone, it's a copy. In either case, try and get someone who knows about guitars to take a look at it.

    You cannot modify a 6 string guitar into a 12 string one. 6 are enough to start with.
  3. kalychak

    kalychak New Member

    that was awesome
    thanks for the reply

  4. 4octave

    4octave New Member

    Epiphone make awesome guitars.
    Yes, @bjr is right Epephone is a copy like Givson.
    But you're talking about Epephone right?
    And modifying 6 to 12? Oh! I haven't heard someone doing that.. :) simply buy 12 string if you need it.
  5. kalychak

    kalychak New Member

    Thanks 4octave
    can i buy that EPEPHONE now as it was beginning & after mastering from this i'll get a good guitar
    was my intention correct
  6. 4octave

    4octave New Member

    Yes thats good idea, many players do that. You can buy a good one after learning at the the cheap one. They start at a cheap plywood guitar.... my friends also do that.
  7. kalychak

    kalychak New Member

    hi 4octave thanks 4 the reply

    please suggest me one of these

    1.Original Ebanez Acoustic Guitar Rs:3,000

    2.Givson Acoustic Guitar - Venus Special Rs:3,300

    3.Epephone Accoustic Guitar Rs:3,000

    4.Basic Acoustic Guitar(non branded) Rs:2,500

    all are of same sizes approximately 100cms length they're saying
    SPELLINGS of the Guitars i've mentioned are correct only
    please suggest one for me very urgently friend
  8. kalychak

    kalychak New Member

    I'd like to mention you that i'm gonna buy the guitar online and not going to store because in my city & to nearby my city there is no musical instruments selling store & how about getting 2nd hand i mean not much used guitars just 1-2 months used guitars

    also i'm enclosing the pics of guitars in the order previously I've mentioned in the previous post
    please do help me as early as possible


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  9. 4octave

    4octave New Member

    @kalychak sorry man it depend on personal preference and you need to check it out.
    But um my openion is
    1)Givson (it looks like a guitar)
    2) Epephone
    Just my openion.
  10. kalychak

    kalychak New Member

    is givson ok i mean some said that givson venus special is not good in here this site only

    i saw the pics of epephone not that good so & i also i searched in google no where found that name so epephone is local made one,so i'm thinking about that
    see the below link and advice me in getting what of those 4 as i'm newbie i really don't know which one to buy seriously need a suggestion for decision
  11. 4octave

    4octave New Member

    honestly i dont like indian guitars...
    If you spend some more bucks then you'll get a good gb&a guitar(import) but you can still get one at around 3k.
    There are some other brands like pluto, granada they are also good.
  12. kalychak

    kalychak New Member

    at last finally bought a Semi Accoustic Givson 150 black
    looking good
    have to start practicing i mean beginning from now
  13. saurabh.kishore

    saurabh.kishore New Member

    If you are looking of these Guitar worth 3k, then IMHO just ignore all. Although for starting out anything that plays is good enough, as you will spend more time searching for a guitar than playing one.

    But I suggest with someone's guidance you can look for a used Granada or Pluto guitar, which will serve you well for a long time.

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