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    hello guys.. my name is husein. i live in mumbai. i need your help. i have been playnig the accoustic guitar for some years. now i wish to upgrade to an electric but dont know which brand to go for.. i have visited a few music stores.. i have liked one only.. it was a standard fender squire i saw at shalu music at vt.. it costs a handsome 14000rs. does anyone have any idea about the price or some place where i will get a better deal. i dont have a very high budget. but yet i wish to go for something that would be worth the price.
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    Have you tried "Furtados" in town? There is "Sardar Flute" in santacruz and another shop in malad, where i got my electro from...these would be the best place to have a look.
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    The guitar which u'll buy will depend on the type of music u like... I don't have much knowledge abt guitars as I hve not played more than a few brands... If ever Jayanth sees this post he might share his knowledge...

    Anyways, for most Indians who are not sure if they'll continue playing guitar for more than a few years, I would recommend a Givson GS 1000... its cheap tho very bad quality... But with the right processors and strings you can get a great sound out of it.

    For heavy metal music... I'd recommend Ibanez... For rock and esp finger picking and stuff, Fender is better... Yamaha is good as well.
  4. rabi_sultan

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    I can only tell you in detail about the Fender.

    Best suited for Blues, Jazz and classic Blues influenced Rock. It has a more metalic sound and because of it sounds more 'dirtier' than the Gibson. For plucking and basically Blues or classic Rock from the 70s/80s this is the best guitar for it. To play stuff like Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, BB King, Buddy Guy etc this is the guitar to have. However more recently guitarists like Nirvana, Green Day and Blink 182 have used Fenders and so the new neo-Punk and Grunge style music can be played on the Fenders. In terms of Indie music its an even split between Fenders and Gibsons, I'd say it depends on the band. To add Dire Straits would use this guitar for their electronic rock, however they do also use Gibsons aswell.

    The Fender Squier is the cheapo entry level guitar, its NOT made in Japan and should only be bought by a beginner. It may be cheap but its still good for an entry level guitar as its still a Fender design just cheap parts. You could theoretically increase the life of your Squier by changing the parts, in particular the pickups, but then good pickups would cost as much as the guitar :shock:

    The Fender Mexican range is the slightly more costlier but is much better than the Korean made Squier's. Incidentally before I talk more about the Mexican's if you can get your hand on the early Squier's which were made in Japan they are excellent and of high quality parts but then they were moved to Korea/China and have since been using cheaper and cheaper parts. Onto the Mexican ranges they are still good and sound better than the Squier's. In terms of the fingerboards they follow the old American guitar styles so in particular the maple fingerboard (i ignore the rosewood ones i prefer maple :p) and so are lacquered(?) and in particular to the Fender Standard Strat have a much wider neck than the new Fender Standard Strats.

    The USA Fender is the ultimate range in the Fender selection (ignoring their artist series) and because of it they cost. Any serious guitar player wanting to have a Fender as their regular guitar would have one of these, a Fender USA Stratocaster. This is strictly for professionals as for the beginner the Squier which costs something like 1/6th the price is a much better investment. The Mexican incidentally costs about 1/2 the price of the Fender USA.

    Ibanez is really good for heavy/death/gothic metal sorta music, and is a heavy toney guitar full of chord power. The Gibson is best suited for Heavy Rock and was used extensively throughout the 1980s. compared to the Fender the Gibson provides much more tone and body to the chords but doesn't provide the dark feel that the Ibanez does. Gibson's version of Squier is called Epiphone and if its a tone guitar then this is the range you should look at. The Yamaha is basically like a halfway stop between a Gibson and Fender in its sound and in particular the Yamaha Pacifica range is one of the best entry level guitars and really only get outdone by the Fender Squire's price.

    Hope all this helps.

  5. rabi_sultan

    rabi_sultan <Bulla Ki Jana>

    just to clear a few things up

    Fender Japan is not Fender Squier both are different. Fender Japan makes good quality guitars i suppose if a rank was to be made it would look like

    Squier (Korea/China)

    plus all the other subsidary companiies of Fender after.
  6. scot_hacker

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    And Givson is not Gibson.
    Neither is Ebanez Ibanez.
    But Forewarned IS forearmed.

  7. guns n roses

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    I got 2 say take a good look at an Ibanez or maybe a Samick. They are 2 of the top selling guitar companies in the world. Fender works great too. Especially the new American series but EXPENSIVE ($3000 - $4000). I got a pretty cool Samick. Great sound . I love it. Ibanez makes great guitars too. Thats why Joe Satriani plays Ibanez. If you want a cool design. Look for a BC Rich or ESP. They have great pickups so try them if ur a hard metal kind of rocker. Fender is a more smooth classical guitar. Great for Jimi Hendrix style but not for AC/DC or some hard rock.
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    I am plannaing to get a 7stringer. soon.. JEM is my first choice..

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