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  1. i_wanna_learn

    i_wanna_learn New Member

    Hi IGTians,
    I m completely new to guitar and I bought Pluto Jumbo Guitar.
    I wanna learn playing it.
    What should I do now?????
    Can I get tutorials from web????
  2. RuchikaT

    RuchikaT New Member

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  3. harismasood

    harismasood New Member

    hey, if u find ny teacher, then let me know , if u frm south delhi/ .. /. ./
  4. i_wanna_learn

    i_wanna_learn New Member

    I am from Indore and moving to hyderabad. I was thinking to use online tutorials.
    Will that help?
  5. harismasood

    harismasood New Member

    yes it will help, but @ te@cher ll guide more, ,
    i m frm Delhi. .

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