Hello fellow Guitarists around here !!!!

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  1. angu-s-lash

    angu-s-lash New Member

    Hi guys... i jus joined this forum recently.. i found this forum as very useful...
    here to make new frends :D:D

    jus discovered the interest in Playing guitar within myself.. so after few weeks of research i bought my FIRST acoustic Guitar..... I bought the Yamaha F310 TBS.. and i also enrolled for the guitar classes too....:D
    i jus finished my first class <excited>
    Hope you ppl help me in developin my guitar skills .... thanks guys...
  2. angu-s-lash

    angu-s-lash New Member

    hey guys,

    i forgot to post my guitar..
    anyway here is the pic attached with it..

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  3. ss192

    ss192 New Member

    Nice guitar mate!
  4. angu-s-lash

    angu-s-lash New Member

    thanks.. SS192 :)
  5. For how much u bought it?
  6. angu-s-lash

    angu-s-lash New Member

    @nish- i bought it for 7.5k, the dealer dint give the gig bag for free.. so had to bought it apart from guitar.. guitar alone (6.9k)
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