Hello everyone

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  1. SRCh

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    Hello friends

    I am from Kolkata. I have always thought of learning to play guitar, but never got the time really. Vocal music training took most of my time away, rest went in building my career (non-musical). Last month, my dream came true and I bought a round hole acoustic jumbo which I plan to learn. Though I am bit on the older side, but I still hope to learn it good enough to play it while I sing.
    Hope you guys can point me to some basic exercises like finger exercise which i have heard to be very important.

    Thanks everyone....
  2. thapa.samir1

    thapa.samir1 New Member

    Hello everyone
  3. avijeett007

    avijeett007 New Member

    Hi !!!!

    I'm a new member in this website.............
    i'm a begginer guiterist......i just wanna play guiter........i'm here to help & to get help from u people.............
  4. SRCh

    SRCh New Member

    OK, I am now learning from Sri Samir Khasnabish
  5. teresap989

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    Hi !
    I've just visited this forum. Happy to get acquainted with you. Thanks.

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