Hee Vaat Door Jate.....

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    SCALE :D
    STRUMMING PATTERN : 1--1234,1--1234...... (D--DUDU,D--DUDU)
    CHORD : D7:XX0212

    D Bm A
    Hee vaat door jate

    D Bm A D A
    Swapnamadhil gava.......mazya manatla ka

    D7 Gm D Bm A
    tethe asel rava.........Hee vaat door jate

    FLUATE : D Bm A - 2TIMES

    Stanza : D Bm A Chord Pattern to stanza as well.

    Use D7 & Gm Carefully.

    Gr8 song to play on guitar & perform on stage.

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