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  1. Ashish_6String

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    Hello everyone,
    I am Ashish Tamhane from Nashik. This is first time I am writing.
    I am uploading an instrumental tune on the site soundclick.com. The tune is ‘Patanga’ from the album ‘Adapt’ by Trace Bundy. Please note that I have not heard the whole tune because the album is not available either in the city or on the internet (Amazon.com says it is unavailable) though pieces are available on the artists’ site www.tracebundy.com. Therefore, I have played the tune based on the tablatures available on various guitar tablature sites. So the tune that I have posted may differ from the original.
    If any of you have the said album, please share it with me. My mail ID is ashish_d_tamhane@yahoo.com.
    Any comments on the recording will be extremely valuable. Cheers!
    Ashish Tamhane.

  2. rustycage

    rustycage New Member

    is that hindi or english ?
    i never heard of it !
  3. Ashish_6String

    Ashish_6String New Member

    Actually its an instrumental tune. check out tracebundy.com

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