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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by jimmy_page, Feb 17, 2007.

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    hi.my name is Danish...been an on and off type of player for the last 4 years...have a respectable inventory of riffs and licks...but there is one thing that always baffles me....what type of people have soooooooo much time that they leave everything and sit in front of their pcs to tab sons.i mean,tht is the most boring thing people can do.guitaring is kool...tabbing sucks.Anyways im 4rm pakistan and the scene is really hot here in karachi.i had a band of my own but we couldnt make it...had to quit 'cuz of studies.i'm a chemical engg. by proffesion and pretty much a ''slam-bam-thank you maam'' type of guy.
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    Meh, because you stated that publicly, I can say you really aint.
  3. the_wizard

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    Welcome to IGT!!

    With 40k+ members lets just say, you wont have trouble finding a match here.
    We also have Shaadi.com banners here.
    Other than free tabs, and matchmaking and a bit of gayness, sarcasm is one more free service that we offer.


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