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    He said to me have you ever been in love?
    I said that’s not a word I’ve ever heard of
    He said to me have you ever seen the world?
    I said I’m not allowed I’m just a girl

    He said but don’t you ever wonder about the stars?
    I said what’s the point in wondering they’re all too far
    He said if you don’t wonder how will you ever grow?
    I said I don’t have time for that it’s not something I need know

    He said well do you at least have the time to learn to dance?
    I said I wouldn’t know how no one ever gave me the chance
    He said well that’s the fun of learning
    All the bridges you’ll be burning

    I said it’s just too hard to do
    Ill slip and fall and make you too
    He said if you never spread your wings
    You’ll never learn to fly

    I said I’m not a bird
    If I flew I would just die
    He said to me well do you know how to walk?
    I said not very far and you’re just a stranger so let’s talk

    He said my dear no one’s a stranger on this earth
    We’ve all lived through death and then rebirth
    I said if we all go round and round
    Why is it we always end up drowned?

    He said you’re not asking the right questions
    This here world’s full of such repression
    I said well then how do I get off this bumpy ride?
    How do I keep my head above the tide?

    He said well that’s an easy one my dear
    Just let go of all your fears
    No need to swim the sinking’s not so bad
    When you reach the bottom you’ll be glad

    You’ll see your worrying’s for nothing
    All this time they’ve just been bluffing
    It will be over in a wink
    You won’t have time to blink

    And I said to him
    will I find the peace I’m always searching for
    And he said to me
    of course my dear You’ll find peace and so much more

    And I said
    But what if I’m too scared to take that leap
    He said
    it’s real easy just close your eyes and go to sleep

    In the morning you’ll wake up
    and start a whole new dream
    With no more endless nightmares
    and no more endless screams..
  2. A small leap of faith often streachs our reach to others by miles ... I have read a similar poem years back by a very famous Indian poet ... Very neaty expressed ... Only that its not fully clear till the end if she did what he suggested ... I like this conversation kinda style in poems
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    who is you?
  4. She is you :p
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    you mean me?
  6. I mean her
  7. i want to suggest a change in this line .. i dont know how did u come to this philosophical aspect that we keep going round and round but its amazing if we all have taken a billion lives then each of us must know each other .. some point in time we must have !!

    He said my dear no one’s a stranger on this earth
    We’ve all lived through death and then rebirth
    I said if we all go round and round
    Why is that we still are lonley.. no one around
  8. U dont believe in replying ...??
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