He said guitar. They said no, not at your age!!

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by gaurav, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. gaurav

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    So there has been a wide speculation regarding the age of a person and his/her guitar learning abilities. So all you experienced people here, i was just wondering.. does age really plays a role in learning guitar? One of my friends was saying, at this age(23) learning guitar will not be as easy, My fingers and brain will not accept a new change process now. I wanted to ask you guys if it really works that way. I know with determination and will, everything is possible.. I am just curious.
  2. A for apple

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    well in that case determination plays a role .....and 23 is not too old that your brain will stops learning new thing ..you learn something every day and at 23 all are still studying and learning.........:)
  3. Super-Admin

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    23 is when engineers start working - on job is totally new and different from what they learn in college...

    23 is when doctors get into PG and later into specialization and later super specialization, (imagine what the world would be if they had stopped learning)..

    It's just the beginning. Don't go by age. It's just number. There could be difference in the rate of your learning. But that shouldn't stop you from following your dreams.

  4. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    In my opinion it is actually easier to learn as you grow old.
    Wherever I have observed the younger a person is, the lesser is his power of concentration, the more impatient he is and the more "living in illusion" he is.

    All this means, you would not expect a younger person to actually sit down and practice meticulously, also you would expect him to get frustrated with the slow progress. Since he would be living under an illusion that he is great and everything in life comes easy - I am sure he would stop putting efforts very soon (as soon as he feels that he is not getting results).

    Remember the child prodigies that you see were either obsessively interested in their particular field (and their brains + body was actually wired suitably for it) OR they were driven into it by their parents who didn't allow them anything else in life.
  5. gaurav

    gaurav New Member

    Yes,I agree with all of you!! When a person really wants to do it, he will do it no matter what. :)
    And speaking about child prodigies, Sungha jung always amazes me!! Guess you all have already seen his videos.

    @super -admin : PMed you about the guitar. Not sure if you have got the PM. Going with Pluto HG39C-201 Cutaway Acoustic Guitar as u suggested. Let the learning begin!!!! :)

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