Haveny one heard of a G C???

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by alphe, Dec 2, 2010.

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    hii every one...Am Alphe n new to this forum...its a gr8 effort by the moderators n its really helpful for us...keep goin guys...

    by the way, to my Qn...Last week, my cuz, who's also a guitar student, got himself a new guitar, named 'G C' (Rs 3000, medium size, sunbust coloring n its a cutaway)...it was really a hasty decision from his part...but when i got my hands on that guitar, i was a bit surprised !.
    It was not only good looking, but sounded gr8 also...it was the first time i have heard such a company!! (same for my cuz BTW)...But my cuz told me that he really liked the sound and that's why he got it....HAS ANY ONE HEARD SUCH A COMPANY???its made in china of course...(now a days we owe chinese big time hehe....)

    now i my self is tempted to get one!!!!. :) . I like medium size guitars.... I KNOW ITS LAMINATED WOOD ON TOP N WONT GET ANY BETTER AS TIME GOES, BUT IT SOUNDS GR8 AS IT IS....Has any one heard this brand???IS it wise to invest on some other better known brands like GB&A, PLUTO, GRANADA??? Myself found it more warmer tone than some of the Granada n GB&A guitars(from some of my friends who own those two)a bit less pitchy on treble side....
    n guys thanks in advance.....BYE....
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    ^ :RollLol: Epic...

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