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Discussion in 'Computer Forum' started by amshakya, May 2, 2008.

  1. amshakya

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    Hi, every body any one expert in troubleshooting the Hard drive problem. I've like two hdd 20 GB and 30 GB, both from western digital company. Both these hard drive gave "tick tick" sound before. Now i like to know if it can be recovered cause i want to make one of them a boot disk.

    So i tried this 30 GB. It can be easily used as external drive but when u put it for the boot device, it gives the that tick tick sound again and the bios takes long time to boot the computer as well. While for the 20 GB it can't be used as external device from the usb. But the bios doesn't take long time to boot the pc as it does for 30 GB one.

    Anyone have solution to the above problem. Plz reply. Thanks in advance.
  2. augur

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    Tick tick means it's time to change your hd. Hopefully you have backups of your important data.

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