Guzarish Ghajini tabs/scale

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  1. mauvais_garcon

    mauvais_garcon New Member

    Hello People,
    I just saw this movie. HEre's my attempt. I am not a professional tabber.. :)

    Intro :

    Chords/Scale = Am. I will try it out and post this too...

  2. 197193guitarist

    197193guitarist New Member

    this is what I came up with. its played on the high e string and this is what the intro part for guzarish goes like.


    be careful though u have to play the notes quick because of the nature of the song, by that I mean u have to switch from one note to the next pretty quickly. Dont worry about it though, with a little practice you can get it down fast. AND DO NOT HAMMER IN BETWEEN NOTES.

    Please reply back with revisions because I know this is not the best
  3. 197193guitarist

    197193guitarist New Member

    sorry i was wrong about the beats in between, okay try this one, its sounds way more better, dont try the other one


    ok, please relpy back to me with any revisions or cmments, thank you very much.
  4. mauvais_garcon

    mauvais_garcon New Member

    dude the first note in the intro is A. Listen to the song again.

  5. +HeRo+

    +HeRo+ New Member

    :b:the song is in a minor scale
  6. +HeRo+

    +HeRo+ New Member

  7. Bandbaaja

    Bandbaaja Pronounced Band Baaaa Ja

  8. mauvais_garcon

    mauvais_garcon New Member

    what abt the intro ? i think it starts from 10th fret. 2nd fret sound as if it is in lower octave. Please let me know.

  9. +HeRo+

    +HeRo+ New Member

    just play the intro with the song.
    u would find it the same.. pitch too
  10. wsampath

    wsampath New Member

    tanks from sampath (sri lanka)
  11. adithyanair

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  12. suraj1000

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    not that gud

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