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    Hey you all... There is a new online guitar store in india here for you and I am representing the site here on indianguitartabs. you can follow the link below to the site and browse through guitars/amps/accessories and a lot more. Its a new store and we are trying our best to update it and evolve it. It will happen gradually, nevertheless, we have already started taking orders and shipping them. You are all welcome to leave your comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated. We would love to evolve this store into an extremely musician friendly portal where you can shop for most of your musical needs instrument wise. We have a great team of well informed and professional musicians with us and we love to help people with their queries and doubts. So feel free to drop in a private message anytime, and do check out the site atleast once before you decide to buy a guitar or related accessories. Rest assured, you wont be disappointed. So, here it is, hope you guys like at and help us turn this into something really great.

    Guitarstreet: India's largest online guitar store. An awesome place to look for acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, all other types of guitars and related accessories.

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