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    Its great to be here. I am hoping to connect with a lot of musicians with a variety of skills and background.

    Here is a small background about me. I am a guitarist and psychologist from Pune, India. I founded the band 'Gaia's Throne' which is a heavy metal/power metal band with a science fiction theme. We make music on a story composed by us set in the 31st century where the Earth has a new superior form of humans battle out an alien race and try to save earth from impending doom.

    I am a neoclassical shredder influenced by Jason Becker, Malmsteen, Buckethead, Vinnie Moore, Judas priest and the likes.

    I have chosen a career in music psychology research. I just started out with my music R&D company called 'The OWL'. It focuses on using scientific research to enhance the musical experience of a person and to provide sophisticated training methods. I am set out to understand how musicians learn and perceive music. As a start, I am collecting data on thousands of Indian musicians and then proceed with lab experiments on the mental processes involved in making and listening to music. I plan to create learning techniques and products for those who have mental disorders and those how have an interest in creative music.

    To begin my work, I created a survey form which will give me a good idea about the basic characteristics of an Indian musician. As I plan to connect with you all, I request you to fill this form which would take about 10 minutes.

    Here is my music:

    Here is the musician survey form link for my research:

    Looking forward to connecting with you!:D

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