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  1. gbadrain

    gbadrain New Member

    HI Friends, I have recently got myself registered in this forum and it appears to be quite popular due to talented bunch of musicians who are members here.
    I am a guitarist and can also play mouth organ very well (playing since I was 10 years old_MILON GUPTA fan)
    Can anyone send me the guitar chords of the song - "Mujhe choo rahi hai teri ", Film Syamvar, sung by RAfI sahib and Lata ji.

    As someone said: ::A good music should bring tears in the eye of a woman and set a fire in the heart of a Man" HOWZAT!!
  2. rajasunda

    rajasunda New Member

    Hey buddy!! welcome to IGT!! if you have song requests you have to post them on one of the following forums Hindi/Tamil/Pakistani/Bengali. See ya! eenjoy!

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