Guitarist/Bckp. Voc. looking for a band in edmonton

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    Hey.. I live in edmonton, Ab near w.e.m.... If you live near that area or anywhere in edmonton for tht matter (thr're always buses), and play guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and/or can sing, let me know and we can set sumin up..

    I'm 17 and have been playing guitar for about 2 yrs now.. I have a cort x-9 electric and a renaissance acoustic, johnson s-25 amp and a zoom 2.1u effects pedal.. I used to live in richmond, BC but moved to edmonton last summer.. I play mostly rock (all types:soft, punk, hard) and metal but am open to try nething from celtic to jazz..

    So if your around my age (couple yrs up or down doesn't matter) and can play any of the instruments listed above at an intermediate level, and are either looking to form a band, looking for a member for ur band, or are a solo flyer and just wanna jam, contact me..
    either drop a line through email or add me on msn..

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