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  1. sanjeevbabu

    sanjeevbabu Member

    there is a lot of old songs in the malayalam films of the 1980's which are very good for playing in sindhoora thilakavumay,devatharu poothu en,oru madhurakkinavin, manjanikkombil etc.if somebody is interested i can give them the tabs
  2. jram

    jram New Member

    req old malayalam tabs

    Dear mr. sanjeevbabu,

    i'm interested in the olld malayalam tabs that you have.Please provide me if you could

  3. ullu

    ullu Banned

    Yes I badly need the tabs of old malayalam songs. would you please post them. or how can i contact you?
  4. manojbsdaya

    manojbsdaya New Member

    hey guys pls get me the malayalam tabs
  5. ajina

    ajina New Member


    Can u pls send some nice malayalam tabs?
  6. sanjeevbabu

    sanjeevbabu Member

    please be specific in your requests.I can give you tabs.But i have to write it from my mind. I know almost all songs in malayalam.But it is not practicable to make a database. What i can do is write and send according to the requirements. I can give one song per request.
    please specify the name of the song .If anybody wants to listen to my guitar solo please visit or
  7. prabhasuresh

    prabhasuresh New Member

    Hello Sanjeev Babu,
    Could you please post "Devadaroo poothu" tab ?

  8. kalathilmanoj

    kalathilmanoj New Member

    Please mail me chords for some old malayalam songs
  9. bijuantony

    bijuantony New Member

    Great work ....sanjeev!!!

    Hello Sanjeev,

    I have been learning and praticising electric guitar for the last one year.

    Your work is amazing, i infact i bought your albums from amiestreet,I tried to
    transcribe the "madhuchandrikayude" and the embellishments that you put around the notes are amazing and hard to replicate!!. (true for any songs!)

    however i can play that song in a very simple way; still working on it

    If you could send me the " ente khalbile" tabs, that would be awesome!

    thanks in advance
  10. vishi1966

    vishi1966 New Member

    Hi sanjeevbabu,

    can you please post or send me the tabs ( the tabs for

    mamaaankam...palakuri kondadi....nilayude theerangal....

    thanks in advance

  11. binuraj

    binuraj New Member


    can u pls send me guitar tabs of melodious malayalam songs?
  12. macubex

    macubex New Member

    Please send me guitar tabs for 'Ilanjipoomanam ozhukivarunnu'. (
  13. dileep115

    dileep115 New Member

    Hi friend please forwaed the malayalam guitar tabs @ []
  14. sreenuisbusy

    sreenuisbusy New Member

  15. shinezguitar

    shinezguitar New Member

    Dear Mr. Sanjeev, I've been searching a lot for a site like this, Can u plz send me the tabs for the song Illa pozhiyum shishirathil.... The intro of this song is amazing n I'm dying to learn it..... Pls send it to
  16. shinezguitar

    shinezguitar New Member

    Sure man,,,, Plz help with the mallu tabs that u have.... i'm looking for Illa kozhiyum shishirathil from the movie varshangal poyathariyathe..... Plz plz plz help me.....
  17. vadakkan

    vadakkan New Member


    can you send me some old malayalam guitar tabs...please.

    RAJ GUITARZ New Member

  19. mahe_tvm

    mahe_tvm New Member

  20. vivekb1985

    vivekb1985 New Member

    It would be great

    I am a newbie.. Started learning guitar a month back.. I have been looking in and out of internet and the only malayalam tab I got is for 'Thumbi vaa'..

    It would be really great if you could share the tabs you have... Anything will be appreciated..

    Thank you!


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