Guitar tabs and Chords for songs from the movie "Socha Na Tha"

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  1. bbbbbbbbbb

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    Can someone please post the guitar tabs + chords for songs from "Socha na tha." The movie just has excellent tunes that I think would be excellent to play in guitar. Abhi Abhi mere dil mein, Socha na tha, Kyun ki tum meri koi nahi, etc. I think there are more though. But someone help me out please. Thank you very much.
  2. jimmy_cool

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    ya guys plz send the chords i also need them
  3. guitar_lover

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    I need chords of this songS like 8*RE&%,
    wELL guys, i am looking for the songs and tabs of these songs from a very long time.
    please can someone post it here, please
  4. amit82cse

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