Guitar songs for beginners (C D F G E A chords)

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  1. kanav1234

    kanav1234 New Member

    Hi All,

    Im a beginner and have learnt basic chords mainly C D E F G (MAJOR MINOR).

    I have been focusing on shifting from long and kind of bored playing chords and for motivation want to learn few songs so that it motivated.
    Kindly suggest me some songs.

    Tha ks in advance :)
  2. raga2303

    raga2303 Member

    This question has been asked several times and number of suggestions are already available. Please search this forum as well as beignner's forum and you will find number of suggestions
  3. kanav1234

    kanav1234 New Member

    Been through many pages none of them was helpful.

    All i need is 5 songs every beginnner should learn to flaunt/encourage/motivate hiimself.
  4. sunoy14

    sunoy14 New Member

    Hindi songs:
    1. Papa kehte hain. C Am F G
    2. Gazab ka hai din socho zara G C D Em. I love this song :)
    3. Give me some sunshine. C F G.

    English songs:
    1. Back to you by Bryan Adams C Am F G
    2. summer of 69. D A Bm G
    3. have you ever seen the rain by CCR. C Am F G

    Good luck and have fun :)
  5. raga2303

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