Guitar Solo for Veer Zaara Janam Dekhlo.....plz comment

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  1. larsan

    larsan K-Dash

    Play The Track and forward the time to 02:47......u can listen to a guitar...which I just tabbed becoz its pretty awesome work.....and i luved it so just u ppl also ty hope u like it...bye

    the file is the solo was not getting fit in the thread

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  2. Vikas Mohindra

    Vikas Mohindra New Member

    Unable to open your file

    Hi, I am unable to download or open your file.

  3. hamid

    hamid New Member

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  4. hamid

    hamid New Member

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  5. Sarim

    Sarim New Member

    kuch bhi samjh nahi aaraha , bas baje ja raha hai

    jo bhi leekha hai kuch bhi samjh nahi aa raha bas , chalay ga raha hai ,,,

    correct tab is :

    e | 9-12-10-9-9-9---10-9-7-7-7--9-7-7-9-7-5-4-2-4-5-5-5

    yr plzz koi comentz zaroor dena

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