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  1. deepakborania

    deepakborania New Member

    Hey Guys check out the ROOBAROO's Guitar Pro5 & 4 tab i made.
    It has guitar,bass,percussion which are nearly accurate.It's complete song.
    Tell me how it sounds.

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  2. deepakborania

    deepakborania New Member

    hey guys still waiting for ur cooments on roobaroo's guitar pro tab.
  3. guitar_lover

    guitar_lover New Member

    I've just listened this thing & I don't know how to react

    Don't get Demoralised by my response because if i don't like something i've to tell u honestly.
    NICE EFFORT !! That's all i can say
    KEEp Trying & BE positive
  4. deepakborania

    deepakborania New Member

    Here are gp tab for bheege honth tere from murder.
    these are not exactly according to the orignal song

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  5. Shubham-Aj

    Shubham-Aj New Member

    hey i don't understand that music.

    Is it correct...!?
  6. khaliqueazam

    khaliqueazam New Member

    Let megive it a try.... I have just donwloaded it...
  7. safaf007

    safaf007 New Member

    can i gt more hindi pro tabs
    if i can from which site
  8. Guitar_Rock

    Guitar_Rock New Member

    dude ithink the chords for roobaroo are not D-A they are A-D....plz check if it is correct
  9. abhinav229

    abhinav229 New Member

    hi i m a newbie
  10. sanjivshah

    sanjivshah New Member

    hello! mr lord ot the strings
  11. roythearjit

    roythearjit New Member

    hi i am new and first time for here...............
    please give me some site where i will get .gp5 files for hindi songs
  12. roythearjit

    roythearjit New Member

    Hi to everybody

    Hi!!!!!!!!!!!! to everyone in this forum
    I am Arjit and I am doing my MBA........... I am learning i want a help fromall the members of this forum as i am a guys please help me.........& thank u everybody............keep smiling keep rocking....
  13. riturajnath

    riturajnath New Member

    where can I GP files?
  14. Jackroach

    Jackroach New Member

    hey guyz can i get some more hindi songs guitar pro tabbs
  15. walkindevil

    walkindevil New Member

    totally insane
  16. krazzynick

    krazzynick New Member

    Heyy Guyz thanx a lot 4 gp files...they help lot .....Keep rocking !!!
  17. ajimonmt

    ajimonmt New Member

    hindi songs

    any know the which songs v a use in guitar pro for learning
  18. alokminz

    alokminz New Member

    nice buddy carry on
  19. kinnarr

    kinnarr New Member

    need more songs to practise......ppllzzz help
  20. srinivasnanaji

    srinivasnanaji New Member

    Thank you..

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