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Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by ronnieanand, May 30, 2008.

  1. ronnieanand

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    I am looking for a guitar practise partner. I play Hard Rock, Blues Rock, Classic Heavy Metal. Looking for people with similar interests with at least intermediate to advanced level skills. This is not for any coaching or training. Just to add some enthu into the practise sessions.

    I live in Murugesh Palaya near Airport Road..

    Practise topics would include but not limited to ....

    Technics - Alternate Picking, Economy Picking, Legato, Tapping, Sweep Picking, etc...
    Theory - Fretboard thoroughness, Chord Formation, Harmony, Scales, Modes, etc...
    Improvisation over Blues Progressions, Chord Changes, Key Changes, etc...
    Ear Training - Identifying Intervals, Chords, Scales, Figuring out songs, Play by Ear, etc...
  2. shaji chundan

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    practise partner

    Hi Ronnie ,

    Im a new member of this wonderful community . saw your post ,Im in Bangalore ,new airport rd . Im also looking for a friend to jam/practice along..
    let me know


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