guitar notes for pudhu vellai mazhai from roja

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  1. brush

    brush New Member

    guys......if any1 could b so kind as to get me d notes for d sng 'pudhu vellai mazhai ' from roja......pleasee...:)..tq
  2. hawk128

    hawk128 New Member

    B -------------------------------8------------------------8-8------10-10--8-------------------
    G -----7-10-8-10-7--------7---8-10-7-----------7------10-----------------10-8-10-7----
    D 10---------------------10--------------------10----------------------------------------------

    Just the initial lines, I could manage as @office nw. Will go back home and try the rest.

    Cheers ! :)
  3. bijigeorge25

    bijigeorge25 New Member

    i want notes for the song neelathamara

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