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  1. rahulsahu

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    Hello Friends ..

    My friend is planning to build a guitar for just fun purpose .. and he is looking for a neck ..

    I checked out on different websites .. and sadly all were shipping only in US . and another sad thing was that they were costing about 160 $ .. huhh ?? isn't it too high for a neck ?

    So pls frnds help me find neck sold in india ..

    And could we use a acoustic guitar neck for electric guitar ??
  2. dyorel

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  3. mymusicmyguitar

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    guitar neck would cost u somewhere around 4.5K at Albertos in Mumbai.

    Nope acoustic guitar neck cannot be used. Not meant for high tensions...
  4. nandac

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    guitar necks

    i have three necks by usacg - more expensive version of warmoth.

    two strat necks - maple/maple, maple/rosewood.
    one telecaster neck - maple/pau ferro.

    the maple/rosewood strat neck is brand new. the other two have seen little use.

    10 k for each.

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