Guitar Lessson Using VEER ZAAR (Janam Dekhlo) Song CHORDS

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    Guitar Lessson Using VEER ZAARA (Janam Dekhlo) Song CHORDS

    Song: Jaanam Dekhlo
    Movie: Veer Zaara
    Tips: Tips to play this song using BARRE chords.


    Hi Folks,
    I saw this song posted earlier in some thread but the chords to me dint seem right. So, I started meddling with chords for this song and when I figured out the chords - I thought I might also give some tips to the beginners as how to play this song using BARRE chords.

    NOTE: If you follow the complete thread and if you master as how to play the chords for this song, you will be able to PLAY almost ANY HINDI SONG that uses major, minor and 7th chords.

    *** IMP – As I said in my earlier threads, FEEDBACK is MUST else I will quit IGT ****

    TIP: Initially the BARRE chords will seem tough, but then as BandBaaja and others have said earlier in this site, if you start playing BARRE chords you can easily change the chords and also switch to a different scale very easily.

    OK enough of blah blah blah…..I should be a salesman….:)
    Let’s get on to the business.

    This song can be played using the following chords…
    Em, D, D7, Bm, C and G.

    So, let’s start with Em. (Beginners play Em chord using open strings) but I would recommend playing the Em chord as BARRE as shown below for this song.

    WHAT IS BARRE CHORD: when you press all the 6 strings on a single fret with your index finger and use other fingers to create chord then it’s called a BARRE chord. (I hope my definition is correct).

    (1 = index finder, 2 = middle finger, 3 = ring finger & 4 = little finger (pinky))
    fret no.
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- E  
    ---|-1-|-2-|---|---|--- B
    ---|-1-|---|-4-|---|--- G
    ---|-1-|---|-3-|---|--- D
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- A
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- E
    This is the first chord we will learn… (EM).
    Here you press the entire 7th fret with your index finger (1 = Index Finger).
    2 (Middle finder) = 8th fret = 2nd string (B string).
    4 (Pinky) = 9th fret = 3rd string (G string).
    3 (Ring Finger) 9th fret = 4th string (D String).

    This will be notation for any of the bar chord that we will learn.
    Place the fingers in the position as shown above and strike all the strings, try playing this position until you hear a clear sound (each string should ring when play).

    Initially you will not hear a clear sound but its okay still keep playing, you will not learn in 10 mins. Also note, if you your fingers hurt/pain DON’T just keep trying, just relax for a while and start over.

    SO NOW, You have learnt how to play Em Barre chord….:)
    Not only this … the beauty of this (finger position) for this chord is that you can play any other minor chord using the same position.

    Keep the same finger position and move 2 frets up towards the keys (5th fret) – It’s a Dm chord.

    So at 7th fret this chord is Em, for every one step (fret) up, the scale decreases by half note and at every 1 step (fret) down towards base of the guitar the scale goes half note up.
    (SCALE: C, C#, D, D#, E, F, G, G#, A, A#, B, C)
    So ..
    8th fret = Fm
    7th fret = Em (for the chord shown above)
    6th fret = D#m (also written as Ebm)
    5th fret = Dm
    4th fret = C#m (also written as Dbm)
    3rd fret= Cm

    (So keep changing the frets with same finger position and you play a new minor chord every time), isn’t it amazing…..

    So… how is it going so far…..

    Shall we move ahead with next chord….?

    Next Chord we will learn is G chord (G major chord). The finger position is exactly same as the Em chord that we have just learnt but with a small variation.
    fret no.
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- E  
    ---|-1-|-2-|---|---|--- B
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- G
    ---|-1-|---|-3-|---|--- D
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- A X
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- E X
    So as you see the finger position is same as Em chord except for the fact that you will lift your pinky up.
    Note “X” at the bottom of the 6th and 5th string, this means that you will not play these strings when you strike the strings with your right hand.

    So you see how easy it is to switch between Em and G chords.

    Also G chord can be changed to any another major chord just by switching the frets, if you move up the fret – one fret up means half note down same discussion applies as Em minor chord.

    8th fret = G# (or Ab)
    7th fret = G
    6th fret = F# (or Gb)
    5th fret = F
    and so on…….

    ALL RIGHT --- We are playing a lots of chords now (isn’t it)…

    Shall we move ON……?

    The next chord is the toughest of the chords that we will learn today (or at least seems tough but with a lil’ practice will become much easier).
    fret no.
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- E  
    ---|-1-|---|-3-|---|--- B
    ---|-1-|---|-3-|---|--- G
    ---|-1-|---|-3-|---|--- D
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- A 
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- E 
    So, as you notice in the figure above – you’ll press the entire fret 5 with your index finger and then press the 2nd, 3rd and 4th strings on 7th fret with your ring finger.
    Sounds tough isn’t it.. .but its not.. Practice for a while and it will not be tough anymore.
    Note: You might have to curl you ring finger a lil bit so that it does not touch the 1st (E) string.

    Oh’ Common guys its not tough … now don’t just start cursing me… just try n believe me and stay with me for a lil’ more longer I bet you will not regret. Initially when I saw this finger position I said.. its insane., impossible but just within 2 days I started loving this chord. Its so easier to switch to other chords when you play this chord position.

    NOTE: Same discussion as for Em and G chords, one fret up – half note down - a new chord and vice versa.


    6th fret = D#
    5th fret = D
    4th fret = C#
    3rd fret = C
    … and so on….

    NOW comes D7 BARRE CHORD ( Exactly similar to D BARRE chord, just a little variation.)

    fret no.
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- E  
    ---|-1-|---|-4-|---|--- B
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- G
    ---|-1-|---|-3-|---|--- D
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- A 
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- E X
    SO, now you will play the entire 5th fret with your index finger.
    “X” on 6th string means you will not Strike the 6th string with right hand.
    4 Pinky = 2nd (B String) = FRET 7.
    3 Ring Finger = 4th (D String) = FRET 7.

    Isn’t it easy… and not only that, now you can play most of the 7th Barre Chord using this position. Same discussion applies for this chord as Em and G.

    6th fret = D#7
    5th fret = D7
    4th fret = C#7
    3rd fret = C7
    and so on……


    Preparation for Janam Dekh Lo Song:

    Step 1 : Play Em, G, D and D7 chords using the finger positions as shown above.
    Play each chord for 4 counts…
    Like Em (1, 2 , 3, 4) then G (1,2,3,4) then D (1,2,3,4) finally D7 (1,2,3,4)…..

    Do you like it…
    You will use this same chord sequence in Janam Dekh Lo song.

    Practice these chords until you get a hang of it and then move forward…
    Remember don’t stresses a lot… do until only you enjoy……..


    C BARRE CHORD (C Major chord on FRET 8)
    fret no.
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- E  
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- B
    ---|-1-|-2-|---|---|--- G
    ---|-1-|---|-4-|---|--- D
    ---|-1-|---|-3-|---|--- A 
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- E 
    So as you see in the figure above….
    Play entire fret 8 with your index finger (1)..
    2 (Middle Finger) = FRET 9 = 3rd (G String) [hey guys – not that G String )
    4 (Pinky) = FRET 10 = 4th (D String)
    3 (Ring Finger) = FRET 10 = 5th (A String).


    How does it sound..?

    Also now this chord can also be transformed into any other major chord. Same discussion as Em and G chord applies.

    8th fret = C
    7th fret = B
    6th fret = A#
    5th fret = A
    … and SO on…

    (YOU’ RE learning a lots of chords today….:)

    Last Chord we will will learn follows….

    fret no.
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- E  
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- B
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- G
    ---|-1-|---|-4-|---|--- D
    ---|-1-|---|-3-|---|--- A 
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- E 
    Soooooooooooooooo… its exactly similar to C chord we just played… are you kidding me … NO… Guitar playing can be easy tooo… :)

    Play the entire 7th fret with you index finger (1)
    4 (Pinky) = FRET 9 = 4th (D String)
    3 (Ring Finger) = FRET 9 = 5th (A String).

    (Same Funda.. play the chord until you hear a clear sound).

    AND AGAIN this chord can be transformed to any other minor chord. Same discussion as Em and G chord applies.

    8th String = Cm
    7th String = Bm
    6th String = A#m (or Bbm)
    5th String = Am
    and so on…..

    SO- That completes the chord classes for today…..:)


    Jam Session 2 (Preparation for Janam Dekh Lo Song):

    Play (Em, D, C and Em) using the finger positions show above. Play each chord for 4 counts.
    How does it sound.. doesn’t it remind you of an old hindi song… it should.. this combination of chords is used in many hindi song….

    Play the following Chords…
    STEP 1 : Em, G, D, 7
    STEP 2: Em, D, C , Em
    (Play this combination till you feel you are doing okay.. you don’t have to master it right now…..-….you will get better as you keep playing…)

    STEP 3: Em, Em, C, G
    STEP 4: D, Bm, D, Em

    Play STEP3 and STEP4 combination until you get good at it…

    That’s it … You have learnt
    OK I will post it anyways, later in the thread.
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    Chord Here

    Song: Jaanam Dekhlo
    Movie: Veer Zaara
    Tips: Tips to play this song using BARRE chords.

       Em       G        D       D7
    Jaanam Dekh Lo Mit Gayi Dooriyan
           Em         D            C            Em
    Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan.. 
       Em       G            D     D7
    Kaisi Sarhadein, Kaisi Majbooriyan
            Em        D            C              Em
    Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon... Yahaan
           Em                 C        G
    Tum Chhupa Na Sakogi Main Woh Raaz Hoon
           D         Bm      D       Em
    Tum Bhula Na Sakogi Woh Andaaz Hoon
        Em                      C          G
    Gunjtaa Hoon Jo Dil Mein To Hairaan Ho Kyon
           D        Bm        D      Em
    Main Tumhare Hi Dil Ki To Aawaz Hoon
       Em         G        D        D7
    Sun Sako To Suno Dhadkanon Ki Zaban 
           Em          E             C            Em
    Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan
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    Feed Back


    :beer: ;) :rockon:
    :) :) :)
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    excellent, good rep from me!
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    hey dude
    i din go through the whole lesson...but one thing is definite that u ve put in a load of hard work to teach something to newbies like me....that is really great..
    keep up the good work

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    hi awaz bass!!!.......really nice post. n it must hv taken u lot of time to compose it........really appreciable. but there is 1 thing which i wud like to say.........i hv seen many beginners' post asking for the strumming patter of the song, so if u cud incorporate that 2 in ur post(btw me 2 a beginner :p: )................also the chord notation u hv posted kinda confusing.............initially i cudnt differentiate between the numeral 1 n the lines..............what do u think abt the figure i hv posted???


    Again very nice post..................n keep coming with such posts:)
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    wow PROFESSOR that was great !!
  8. jim4u18

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    all hats off for u dude gr8 work i always use to think how these ppl can play barre chords man now even i can play thank a lot gr8 work keep rockin
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    nice one awaz_bass...but one thing is your G major bar card seems little suspect. You can bar at 3rd fret and make an 'E' chord shape OR you can bar at 10th fret and make 'A' chord shape...and that will give you a 'G' major chord...I know you can make chords in so many ways. So may be some experts on this alias can weigh in on this...
  10. Subhro

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    @awaz... too good !... reps 4 u. right now u r da best out here. 5 stars 4 ur effrt.

    @smriti.. ya it was kinda confusin.. actually his chrd diagrams r jus a wee bit diff in da sense dat..
    in general (as in ur chrd chart) da strings (EADGBE) come in da bottom->top fashion
    in awaz's post da strings (EADGBE)comes frm left->right .

    Ur chrt:

    fret no.
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- [B]E[/B]  
    ---|-1-|-2-|---|---|--- [B]B[/B]
    ---|-1-|---|-4-|---|--- [B]G[/B]
    ---|-1-|---|-3-|---|--- [B]D[/B]
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- [B]A[/B]
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- [B]E[/B]
    Awaz's chrt:

    1...1...1...1...1...1     (Fret 7)
    E   A   D   G   B   E[/B]
    also if u wan ny strummin tips.. (not talkin of dis particular song)
    follow dis link..
    chk da link givn out thr.. i'm givin it below..
    credit goes 2 guitaristofm.
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    thanks a lot!!!! learning was never so much fun...... thanks a lot i always wished people posting a song also tell how to change chords...............

    thanks once again.........
    its really gonna help i know.........
    will let u know when i start playing to the perfection.
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    @meenasupari.. redirectin ur thanks 2 awaz_bass

    @skalahas.. yep


    its bettr 4 beginnrs 2 barre G chrd in 3rd fret i guess..
    da most common (barre-G) are :

        fret                        fret
    ....3rd                     ....10th
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- [B]E[/B]   ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- [B]E[/B]  
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- [B]B[/B]   ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- [B]B[/B]
    ---|-1-|-2-|---|---|--- [B]G[/B]   ---|-1-|---|-3-|---|--- [B]G[/B]
    ---|-1-|---|-3-|---|--- [B]D[/B]   ---|-1-|---|-3-|---|--- [B]D[/B]
    ---|-1-|---|-4-|---|--- [B]A[/B]   ---|-1-|---|-3-|---|--- [B]A[/B]
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- [B]E[/B]   ---|-x-|---|---|---|--- [B]E[/B]
    da configuration u hav givn needs a lil bit chng.. if i'm not wrng.. (altho thr r plenty of variations in a chrd)

    change (in ur configuration):
    for da 5th string... instd of mutin it u need 2 hold da 9th fret (pinky).. i.e if u go by da usual chrd structure..
    da configuration u hav givn might be also thr.. dunno.. but dis is da usual one.. i.e

    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- [B]E[/B]
    ---|-1-|-2-|---|---|--- [B]B[/B]
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- [B]G[/B]
    ---|-1-|---|-3-|---|--- [B]D[/B]
    ---|-1-|---|-[COLOR=Red]4[/COLOR]-|---|--- [B]A[/B]
    ---|-x-|---|---|---|--- [B]E[/B]
    changes in red color.

    nyways.. as i said.. brilliant stuff..
    da idea of linkin chrd practice wid da help of a song is cute.
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    top yaar!!!! oh paaji dont ever think about quiting. just tell me how many replies do u want. that was really really cool !!! ( i'm just a beginner ,started to learn bar chords a few months back and am still stuck on them ,just cant change properly.)
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    A very nice lesson and i think we can add something more. this is for those singers like me who can't adjust to the pitch of the song.

    it is very nessecary to play according to the pitch when you are playing in an orchestra or playing a song together. but if you are playing solo you can adjust the song's pitch to your own singing capability

    This is how you do it--

    1.First you have to know the all the bar chords[Major and Minor]. Awaaz baas has explained it so superbly.
    2.the theory is simple if you know the chords for a song you shift the chords of your song exactly that many frets as required by you. Confusing??

    For example if the chords are
    G[355433] Em[779987] C[335553] D[557775]

    you want to lower the pitch frets down[lets say 2 frets down] so the new chords will the chords if you shift the corresponding chord two frets down
    so the new chords are
    F[133211] Dm[557765] Bb[113331] C[335553]

    you will notice that i have deducted two from the fret number and i have go my result. but it is not always so. if i want to further lower my pitch by two frets then there will be a problem lowering F and Bb. you can lower these chords using their alternate barre position. for ex F can also be played at [8 8 10 10 10 8] so lowering two frets we get D#[668886] and Bb can be played as [688566] lowering two frets we get [466344]

    Thats all if you want i can post an example of chord conversion of a song to make it easier
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    @awaz good work man!!! keep it up...

  16. thanks
    :dj: :NoNo: i think the credit should go to jyoti who first posted that link though thanks subro

    @awaz thats what i call good work reps to u on my behalf..................
  17. @awaz hey can i suggest u sth can u in future posts put the chords positions in the form EBGDAE
    THAt makes it easier to read
  18. awaz_bass

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    Thanks every one - I will go thru each of ur replies and try to answer most of the questions.
    One thing many of you have suggested is to Change the Chord Figures and make them Horizontal instead of Vertical.....
    I wanted to go back to original post and edit and do this but now I cant edit it.

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    i want the tablature of hindi songs

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    @awaz_bass..............i think the admins hv removed the edit option............i dont know why? used to be there along with the quote option.

    @Mr. neo..............why is it so???????????????????????????????

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