Guitar Lesson2 Using KHAKEE (Wada Raha) Song CHORDS

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    Song: Wada Raha
    Movie: Khakee
    Tips: Tips to play this song using BARRE & OPEN chords and Rhythm playing tips.


    This song sounds simple but actually isn’t. There are lots of chords used in this song and you will have to change chords at every measure so get ready…..

    *** IMP – As I said in my earlier threads, FEEDBACK is MUST ***

    I had posted in my earlier thread for ([Veer Zaara] - Janam Dekhlo) Song as how to play the Barre chords so I will not repeat the theory here.

    I am posting the chord chart for the Open & Barre chords that we will be playing for this song.

    Chords for this song (Am Scale):
    AmADD9, Am, G, Em, C, E, Dm and A

    To play song right you should get used to the timing (rhythm) of the song so lets start with the rhythm. This is very very ** imp **.
    This song is on a 2 Beat like rhythm, so it’s like below.
    Jhaaannnnnnnnnn – a-chak 
    :p: Don’t laugh guys (Actually I wanted to do Jhaaannnnnnnnnn – a- chuk but dint cause I know if I did this some one will get back to me sayin’ Jhaaaaann – a – CHUK – WOTT THE ***K). I have no other better way of explaining so let’s deal with this. ;)

    OK Lets move on….

    Preparation for Song…
    Step 1: Hold Am chord play the rhythm (1,2 – Jhan Chak) I had shown above. I would recommend that you rather play the song (on PC or any Player) and play the Am guitar chord along with Song’s rhythm just to get used to rhythm, just do this for 4 or 5 times before actually playing the song.

    (NOTE: Play OPEN chords first to get the feel of the song and then play BARRE chords)
    Step 2:
    Play the 4 chords below in the above rhythm, each chord gets one measure.
    ===========Am, Am, G, Em.============

    Am Chord
    fret no.			fret no.
    ....5th (BARRE)		1st (Open) 
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- E  	---|---|---|---|--- E  
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- B	-1-|---|---|---|--- B
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- G	---|-3-|---|---|--- G
    ---|-1-|---|-4-|---|--- D	---|-2-|---|---|--- D
    ---|-1-|---|-3-|---|--- A 	---|---|---|---|--- A 
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- E 	---|---|---|---|--- E  X
    fret no.			fret no.
    ....3rd (BARRE)		1st (Open) 
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- E  	---|---|-4-|---|--- E 
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- B	---|---|---|---|--- B
    ---|-1-|-2-|---|---|--- G	---|---|---|---|--- G
    ---|-1-|---|-4-|---|--- D	---|---|---|---|--- D
    ---|-1-|---|-3-|---|--- A 	---|-2-|---|---|--- A 
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- E 	---|---|-3-|---|--- E 
    Em CHORD
    fret no.                        fret no
    ....3rd (BARRE)                 1st (Open) 
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- E  	     ---|---|---|---|--- E 
    ---|-1-|---|-4-|---|--- B	     ---|---|---|---|--- B
    ---|-1-|-2-|---|---|--- G	     ---|---|---|---|--- G
    ---|-1-|---|-3-|---|--- D	     ---|-3-|---|---|--- D
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- A X	     ---|-2-|---|---|--- A 
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- E X     ---|---|---|---|--- E 
    So its like
    Jhann – chak, | Jhann – chak, | Jhann – chak, | Jhann – chak,

    Step 3: Now play the following four chords in the same rhythm pattern.
    ========C, E, Am, A==========
    fret no.(BARRE)                 fret no
    ....3rd 			    1st (Open)
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- E  	    ---|---|---|---|--- E
    ---|-1-|---|-3-|---|--- B	    -1-|---|---|---|--- B
    ---|-1-|---|-3-|---|--- G	    ---|---|---|---|--- G
    ---|-1-|---|-3-|---|--- D	    ---|-2-|---|---|--- D
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- A 	    ---|---|-3-|---|--- A
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- E 	    ---|---|---|---|--- E 
    fret no.		              fret no
    ....4th(BARRE) 		     1st (Open)
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- E  	     ---|---|---|---|--- E
    ---|-1-|-2-|---|---|--- B	     ---|---|---|---|--- B
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- G	     -1-|---|---|---|--- G
    ---|-1-|---|-3-|---|--- D	     ---|-3-|---|---|--- D
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- A X	     ---|-2-|---|---|--- A
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- E X     ---|---|---|---|--- E
    A Chord
    fret no.			fret no.
    ....5th (BARRE)		1st (Open) 
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- E  	---|---|---|---|--- E  
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- B	---|-4-|---|---|--- B
    ---|-1-|-2-|---|---|--- G	---|-3-|---|---|--- G
    ---|-1-|---|-4-|---|--- D	---|-2-|---|---|--- D
    ---|-1-|---|-3-|---|--- A 	---|---|---|---|--- A 
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- E 	---|---|---|---|--- E  X
    Step 4: Now play the following four chords in the same rhythm pattern.
    ========A, G, C, AmADD9 =====
    fret no.	                      fret no.
    ....5th (BARRE)	             1st (Open) 
    ---|-1-|---|-4-|---|--- E  	    ---|---|---|---|--- E  O
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- B	    ---|---|---|---|--- B  O
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- G	    ---|---|---|---|--- G  O
    ---|-1-|---|---|---|--- D	    ---|-2-|---|---|--- D
    ---|---|---|---|---|--- A O	    ---|---|-3-|---|--- A 
    ---|---|---|---|---|--- E X	    ---|---|---|---|--- E  X

    After you are good at above chord changing exercises.
    Now Play All the following chords in Sequence, Each chord gets one measure.
    Am, Am, G, Em,
    C, E, Am, A
    A, G, C, AmAdd9

    If you got this then we are ready to start playing the song…..(using Jhann CHUCK) ;)

    OK one more thing, in the song I had written the chords exactly in the places where its Jhann. You will always play new chord at Jhann.(ie where I have placed the chords).
    ........Wada Raha Pyar Se Pyar Ka

    Did you get what I am trying to say.. So, its like you keep doing.. Jhan-chak for may be 4 time and on the 5th time after jhan… You SING (Wada Raha..) but your rhythm keeps going and when you reach RAHA’s HA.. on this HA you’ll play Am again with Jhann sound. OK Guys…. That it… you might think I have gone crazy…. So its better if you don’t understand then ask me and I’ll reply.. this way 2 of us can be crazy :beer: ;)

    One more thing notice
    ...Am………...Am…...G …….Em
    .....Wada Raha Pyar Se Pyar Ka
    .....Yeh Meri

    Here ‘Am’ on WADA and ‘A’ on YEH are before the Wada and YEH, so you will play chord first and then sing… but on RAHA the chord is on RAHA.. so,you will play the chord while singing HA or RAHA….

    …. I hope you got what I am trying to say.. if you don’t ask me questions..
    :rule: Again FEEDBACK IS MUST, else no more postings. :rule:

    Comments/suggestions/questions/criticism/reps/bad rep/ anything is welcome :dance:

    :rockon: Chords Next :rockon:
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    Chords [wada raha - khakee]

        Movie Name: Khakee
        Singer: Arnab Chakravorty, Shreya Ghoshal
        Music Director: Ram Sampat
        Lyrics: Sameer
       Am                            AmAdd9                              
        Wada Raha Wada Raha Wada Raha
       Am        Am      G       G          
        ( Wada Raha Pyar Se Pyar Ka
       C          E       Am                  
        Ab Hum Na Honge Juda )…(2)
       A    A          G        C         E         
        Yeh Meri Dhadkane Sun Raha Hai Khuda
      Am        Am       G        G            
        Chahe Tumhe Kis Kadar Mera Dil 
       C        E        Am           
        Tumko Nahi Hai Pata
       A    A          G       C         E             
        Yeh Meri Dhadkane Sunraha Hai Khuda
        Wada Raha
               Am               Em         
        Dono Jahan Ko Bhola Hun Main
               C               G          
        Aisi Lagi Hai Tujhse Lagan
                Am         Em             
        Chahe Kaho Ise Awargi
                C             G          
        Chahe Kaho Ise Deewanapan
                 E           Dm  
        Dil Ne Kaha Dil Ne Suna
                 C            E    
        Maine Tumhe Dilbar Chuna
      Am       Am       G        G       
        Ab Doriyan Na Rahi Darmiyan
       C         E       Am             
        Kya Rang Layi Wafa
       A    A          G        C         E         
        Yeh Meri Dhadkane Sun Raha Hai Khuda
         Wada Raha … Hai Khuda
                 Am           Em          
        Dekha Tumhe To Aisa Laga
                 C             G            
        Mujhko Mila Manzil Ka Pata
                  Am             Em        
        Chalna Hai Humko Ab Sath Mein
                 C         G            
        Tumse Juda Mera Rasta
                 E          Dm         
        Maine To Li Hai Kasam
                C           E         
        Paon Tumhe Janmo Janam
      Am        Am       G      G         
        Sajde Kiye Maine Shamo Saher 
       C           E       Am                  
        Manga Hai Tumko Sada
       A    A          G        C         G    
        Yeh Meri Dhadkane Sun Raha Hai Khuda
         Wada Raha …Hai Khuda
        ( Wada Raha Ye Wada Raha
        Pyar Se Pyar Ka Pyaar Se Pyar Ka )…(2)
        ( Wada Raha Ye Wada Raha
        Pyar Se Pyar Ka )…(2)
        Wada Raha Yeh Wada Raha 
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    Like your Jhann a-chak, Jhann a-chak ... :)
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    wow. short of words. right now u r da only member who posts sum useful/meaninful/awesome stuff at IGT.. rest are all trash.
    wud hav givn 10 stars if possible. appreciate da effrt. well done ! keep it up ! reps if it permits.

    dis was nice too :)
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    Hi @Subhro

    How about giving @AWAZ some company... You have also posted some awesome stuff ...

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    @vthite.. thnx a lot dear :).. but i wud rathr rate thm 'ok' stuff..
    nywayz.. dis is awaz's thrd.. so lets focus our attntn on awaz ;).. lights.. camera.. chords :)
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    Awaaz are you sure about the chords i don't think there is a Em there. i may be wrong but what u think about this

    waad raha pyaar se pyaar ka
    ab hum na honge judaa
    ye meri dhadkane sun rahi hai sada
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    wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!! u rock!!! 2 out of words.........@subhro u gotta tell me how to give reps........... awaz_bass truely deserves this ...............THANK YOU SIR :)

    @subhro u r absolutely right he is the best right now in igt:)
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  9. :band:
    awesome job by awaz....................
    hey awaz plzzzzz rate the thread 5 stars so that others can also rate it.........thanks
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    @sam.. yea me 2 figrd out da same chrds at da beginnin.. havnt yet chkd awaz's version.. he alwayz delivrs da right chrds.. also i'm not gud at figurin out da 7th, 9th, etc.. dats y din bothr 2 chk.. maybe i'l chk too..
    nywayz nice stuff awaz..

    @smriti.. click on da yellow button (smiley icon) beneath da sunsign icon (weekly horroscope...) of awaz ..a pop-up window wud come 'I approve' .. thn post a comment(optional) and click 'Add to reputation'. ...done... i did da same thin 2 u now :grin:
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    @awaz_baaz......wonderful...u explained it beautifully....will surely try the chords & then give opinion,but ur explinations are just awesome....u rock...:):)
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    @Sam - when I listen I definitely see there is a minor chord at (pyar ka)....cause the KA doesnt stand bluntout in singing (like if you hold G chord and sing KA you will be dong kAAAAAA) but its like (KA A AAA with a soft minor sound),.... both G and Em chords have G note & where the KA is sung so I think its Em, and its played on Synth Strings like AmAdd9 is played on Synth string in the opening WADA RAHA Echo piece.
    I checked playing on Synth and It sounds perfect to me....
    May be playing Em on a different chord position on guitar might sound better.

    But you know what ...
    waad raha pyaar se pyaar ka

    Is fine too, I think its personal preference, I prefer doing more chords :p:

    ab hum na honge judaa

    ..ab hum na honge judaa

    Here I disagree, it has to be C, E and Am, it cannot be F, if you try to tab the notes you will see its not F.

    Thanks for the suggestion SAM, I really appreciate... please keep posting your tips., so that the final product is the best......
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    Feed Back for Chords

    @ Hardik,Subhro, the guitartistofm,Smriti,Sam_Rule, Vthite

    !! Thanks everyone !!

    Hey One more thing... I know everyone has appreciated my effort for posting the thread.. but I wud want y'll to post the comments about chords too, Like SAM did and like SUBHRO does it all the time.

    If you think some other chord will fit in at some place, lets all voice our opinion and figure out the best option.

    Thanks Guys
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    oops sry.. i forgot 2 mention i got dat E in betwn too (b4 Am) in da 'ab hum na honge juda ' line.. only thing is dat i figrd F instd of C.. guess u r right.. gotta chk agn..
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    awaz dude, that was really nice...keep it up..never get discouraged to post more...your work is really first class...

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    @skalahas - Thanx Bro... I will try to keep posting...
    @Subhro & Smriti - Guys please dont embarrass me by rating me as the best.. I am like any other guy in IGT... I just love music and that keeps me going... Thanx Though..:)
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    Guys I goofed UP

    @sam & @Subhro -- I really goofed up, may be I was trying to be more creative. I went back home today and checked once more ... there's really no Em. Rest of the stuff looks okay. I am correcting the orginal post... thanx for keeping me in line.

    Also replaced AmAdd9 with E. This chord is only on the Opening Line (ECHO - WADA RAHA)

    Check the chords now and let me know how it looks...

    Have Fun :rockon:
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    Hey awaaz_bass thanks for appreciating. pretty sure there is no Em. Just work out the correct chords and post them. Don't know many guys who have guts to admit their mistakes. Hope everyone appreciates this .
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  19. hmmmwhats the jhhaaaan -a chak thing
    strumming pattern usually written as DUDU or DudU........D for loud downward flow d for gentle downward flow...............
    can u plzzzzzzz give the stumming patterns in that ur forthcoming threads...............

    or else i've printed n read it..............nothing more to add............
    nice work...............
    n chords r also good..........
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    jhaan means downstroke?.
    chaak means upstroke?

    is that how it works? 2 strums per measure?...per chord...

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