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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by ubergon, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. ubergon

    ubergon New Member

    I have been playing Acoustic for more than 2 years and want to move to Electric. Problem is ridiculous budget. Because of that I have to buy second hand equipments. Two guitars and two amps are available in area, both are used. I just want to know which one would be better.

    1) Yamaha Pacifica 012
    2) Aria STG 006

    1)Roland Cuber 15X
    2)Laney LX 20R

    One more thing, how are DJT equipments? Bajaao is selling a package Buy Online | Lowest Price | Free Shipping| DJT Pro Guitar + USB Amplifier Combo with Built-in MP3 Player - Best Buy! - Buy online at the guaranteed lowest price in India - BAJAAO - Buy online and Review Musical Instruments, Pro Audio, Studio, P.A. Au so was wondering about their quality. The package seems to good to be true.

    Thanks in advance
  2. tirtha2chester

    tirtha2chester New Member

    Roland cube 15 is among the best beginner amps available.... Another great amp is the Laney LX12, which comes at half the price (3.5k for a new one)...

    I'd have stayed away from the DJT stuff... They look like cheap knockoffs to me..
  3. ubergon

    ubergon New Member

    I did some research regarding the items and here is what I gathered:

    About the guitars:

    Pacifica over Aria:
    -Best budget guitar although Aria guitar is absent from these discussions
    -Expensive compared to Aria 10K>~8.5K
    -Just one Volume and Tone Knob. I read somewhere that in this budget two tone knobs are nothing but space filler

    Aria over Pacifica:
    -Basswood over Agathis
    -One coil tap switch for bridge humbucker. tbh, I don't even know if that is a good thing or not. Just one extra feature.
    -Two humbuckers. Since Single coil in this range are really weak, so having a humbucker in place of Single Coil is always a good thing

    Edit: Now I know what Coil tap means. It will help in turning humbucker into Single Coil by using just one coil out of the two. Wonder if it will really helpful.


    Both are 15 watt amplifier with nothing much going for them.

    @tirtha2chester: Thanks for the reply. that DJT stuff is out of production. Bajaao is just fooling people like always. The amp that I mentioned is LX 20R, upgrade to LX 12 in that it is 15 watt instead of 12 watt of LX 12.

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