Guitar chords for the song 'Tum Ho' - from movie rockstar (2011)

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    Hi guys, 'tum ho' is a beautiful soft romantic song, composed by maestro A.R.Rahmann & sung beautifully by Mohit Chauhan. Here I am posting guitar chords for the same. Kindly try out & as always, feedbacks and suggestions are welcome.

    Title:Tum ho, Lyrics: Irshad Kamil, Vocals: Mohit Chauhan, and Suzanne D’Mello.
    Music: AR Rahman
    Movie: Rockstar

    Strumming pattern: D D U U U D

    (Dm) Oooooo (Am)
    (F) oooo (C) ooo (Dm)
    (Dm) Ooooooo (Am)
    (C) Oooooooo

    (F) Tum ho (A#) Paas Mere , (C) Saath Mere
    (Am) Ho tum y(A)oon
    (Dm) Jitna Mahsoos (F) Karun Tumko (Gm)Utna bhi Pa Lu(C)n tumko

    F A#

    (F) Tum Ho (A#)mere liye (C)Mere Liye ho (Am)tum yuuu(A)n
    (Dm) Khud ko main haar ga(F)ya tumko
    (Gm) Tumko mein jeeta (C)hoon

    (Dm) Oooooooo (Am)
    (F) ooooo (C) ooo (Dm)
    (Dm) Oooooooo (Am)
    (C) Oooooooo

    Music 1 - F A# C Am A Dm F F

    (F) Kahin se (Am)kahin ko (C)bhi
    Aao bewajah Ch(A#)ale
    (F) Poochhe (G) bina (C)kisi se (Am)Hum mile Dm Am
    (Dm)Bandishe na (Dm) rahi (Am) koi (Am) baaki
    (A#)Tum ho (F)

    (F)Tum ho (A#)Paas Mere , (C)Saath Mere
    (Am)Ho tum y(A)oon
    (Dm)Jitna Mahsoos (F)Karun Tumko (Gm)Utna bhi Pa Lu(C)n tumko

    (F)ooooo (C) ooo(Dm)
    (C)Oooooooo (C)

    (F)is tarah (Am) chhine(C) ga
    Mujhse(C) yeh jahan tum(A#)hein
    (F)Tum bhi (G)ho phir (C)kya fikar (Am)ab humein

    Music 2- Dm Am Dm Dm Am Am A# F

    (F)Tum Ho (A#)mere liye (F)Mere Liye ho (D)tum yuuu(A)n
    (D)Khud ko main haar ga(F)ya tumko
    (G)Tumko mein jeeta (C)hoon
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    Very nice chords.
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    A7 sounds better in place of A and in verse A# instead of Dm

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