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Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by T_1000, May 20, 2008.

  1. T_1000

    T_1000 New Member

    hello. i want to buy a guitar. i am beginner, never played guitar but very fond of it. i read the guide about buying guitar and gone trought the points but still there are many doubts.doubts like,,,for electric, are the amp are mandatory?? can't electric guitar produce any sounds with amps?? which acoustic guitar should i buy?

    my cousine bought hobmer guitar, which got red and blackin color around the body? is that guitar different from the plain one.. or is it just a color difference...

    there are many question in my mind but not comin right now... just reply to this answers.. the later will come...

    also tell me which are good shops in mumbai
  2. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    alright for your first question........amp is not mandatory for an elctric........but to play live you need one........

    second.....which acoustic to buy.......well it actually depends on your budget and your choice.........a hobner is a pretty good first guitar..... but if can go higher that would be better.......say around a yamaha at 6k would be best.........but hobner is good.........i have one of those........the very red and black one your talkin about.........and its just a colour difference.........alothough sometimes colour changes with different makes.........

    shoot with your other questions..........

  3. r@zor2

    r@zor2 New Member

    an electric guitar without amp would produce sound just audible to u and maybe a few ppl around u for live u need an amp and even for the effects
    And its always recommended that u start learning on an acoustic guitar which i guess ur bout too
    For beginners like sukrut said hobner's are good budget of above 6 k yamaha
    Below 3 k go for Pluto they are amazing for the price i bought one and am reallly satisfied nice sound nice strings and tis tropicalized for indian climates(even though others guitars are also tropicalized i like to say mine is too :) )
    Enjoy ur playing
    Cheers and hope this helped
  4. T_1000

    T_1000 New Member

    my couine bought that guitar last year for Rs3500 from a shop which is near to metro theater,mumbai.
    as you said, an electric guitar without amp would produce sound just audible to u and maybe a few ppl around u..

    tell me this way.. if i play acoustic and electric guitar(without amplifier) in a simple room or hall , which one will produce larger sound??

    actually my budge is not very much,... just upto Rs4000. but i wanted to know difference between those two..

    and i also heard guitars are very cheap in Kolkata.. is it true or just public rumours??

    and yes... if possible can u plz post the images of yamaha guitar??.. i searched it on google but it shows same images for yamaha and hobner..

    thank you for very kind and prompt response :beer:
  5. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    an acoustic will defintely sound louder.........thats why its called an acoustic........

    but between the two.......since your budget is 4k........a acoustic at 4k is better than an electric at the same price.....cuz the only electric you get that price is a java or a givson........both suck big time......

    and abt kolkatta i dont know........cuz i dont stay there........

    so i would suggest an acoustic.........definitely......considering your price.......

    and here's pic of the friend has the same.....

    or this is a good one.......

    if you could slightly extend your budget.......

    hope it helped!

  6. T_1000

    T_1000 New Member

    in evening i just went to shop at thane, name "Waves". i told the shopkeeper that i am a newbie and want to see guitars.... he asked me which one i want.. i just said him,.. i am a beginner,you show me the guitar types and difference between prices and variations.. etc.. then he just showed me one guitar and handed to me and went to do his work.. i was amazed and shocked... i was askin him politely and kindly to explain me about guitar.. but that man was like.. behaving like.... he sells guitars to madoona,,jackson..mark anthony...

    so for the moment i sat there and tried to pick each and every one guitar from slots.. pickin up 3 guitars from slots and handling them not properly seems to got him my attension ..then he came to me and tried explaining everything in that ..types depends on manufacturing company, sizes ..shapes etc...eyc..

    i realized..salla line pe aa gaya... :p

    then he played the acoustic one and electric one.. .. then my doubt about two guitars got cleared... i coundn't barely hear sound of electric one without amps.. and with acoustic.. it was large enough

    acoustic ranges from Rs2750 onwards and electric starts from Rs6000... and for electric one u have to have amplifiers..which costs about ..cheapest Rs3000... soo the total cost of electric guitars goes upto Rs6000 guitar+3000 amps=9000...

    thatmoment i decided to remove elctric one from my mind...

    so i will be buyin acoustic one.. but now question still remains which one to buy...

    hobmer, gibson, pluto or granada or Yamaha.??? budget 3-4k
  7. T_1000

    T_1000 New Member

    and what is difference between the guitar that are little bit not similar..
    i mean if we look at images that sukrut have posted.. pluto jombo and granda jumbo.. their right hand side has a different shapes... is that make some difference..????

    and also the shopkeeper told me that. guitar comes in glossy and matt finish... which one should go for glossy or matt????
  8. saurabhrocks

    saurabhrocks New Member

    luk , the doubts u have r very obvious,
    about body shapes, there are a lot of body shapes in guitars,
    dreadnought, jumbo, mini jumbo ,grand jumbo, grand auditorium etc..
    the most popular shapes are dreadnought and jumbo shapes
    i'll recommend u a jumbo shape since it has a lot of tonal balance,

    a jumbo has the lower bout and the upper bout of equal thickness,
    while in dreadnought the lower one is larger than the upper,
    also dreadnoughts are more bassy than jumbo's and also much louder.

    go 4 a grand auditorium or jumbo.

    finishes hardly make a diffrence to a beginner ,choose any one,it is the tone which matters, after u get ur hands on this guitar for about 1 year then u can buy ur second guitar with gud luks etc, right now be simple and plain,

    one imp thing i must tell u is the wood ,guitar have 2 types of top(top is the portion which bears the sound hole) - solid and laminated. solid wood meand real plank of one type of wood, while laminated is just a fancy name for ply wood.
    if ur going 4 a local brand then definitely they r all plywood guitars.
    but if u go 4 a higher range go 4 a solid top.
    there r various types of wood cedar maghony etc...
    but newbies don't nees so much information just buy what sounds gud.

    i recommend u go 4 a pluto or yamaha , both of them have solid tops and r trustworthy, gud performance guitars
  9. T_1000

    T_1000 New Member

    which is this guitar in following picture..dreadnought or jumbo???


    and does guitar that have cuts in upper bout are sound 15% to 20% than normal one???..
  10. saurabhrocks

    saurabhrocks New Member

    i suppose ur asking about the cut-way guitars,yes they do have a slightly lower volume than thier full bodied counterparts.but don't get too technical
    i don't think u'll be using the higher frets in the learning period but still
    if cut-away guitars luk cool to u the buy one, u can't tell the difference in the sound or volume,
    it wont matter really!!
    cause u'll play 4 urself , maybe 12 more people, in that case how much will a slight diffrence matter?
    if u like it just buy it.

    the guitar in the pic is a dreadnought as is visible the upper bout is slightly smaller.
  11. T_1000

    T_1000 New Member

  12. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    dude........why do you bother with the scientific funda???

    just go out a guitar.......see if you like.......and buy.......

    although i advice you to go in for a 24 fret cutaway guitar....

  13. T_1000

    T_1000 New Member

    plz dont get irritated from my questions... i am a very scientific person.. a guy who will make full fledged reasearch,,and visiting tons of shops b4 buyin anything..... if i am spending 3k bugs then why not spending some time on it b4 makin sure its well for me...

    for me this granada dreadnought jumbo looks good to me...
  14. saurabhrocks

    saurabhrocks New Member

  15. god_of_guitar

    god_of_guitar New Member

    dont buy a pluto.. they just look good.. they sound crap.. ur better of with a yamaha..
  16. saurabhrocks

    saurabhrocks New Member

    ^go 4 that advise,
    'cause i never played a pluto
    but i have yamaha's
    they r great
  17. T_1000

    T_1000 New Member

    k.. finally i got the photo of my cousine's guitar.. here it is .. he said its hobmer jumbo guitar and he bought it for Rs3450 from Furtados....

    he said.. he just asked the shopkeeper which would be suitable for him as he is beginner.. and shopkeerper provided him some guitars.. which includes this hobmer one... he was the cheapest and thats why he selected it,, as it was cheapest among the other alternatives...

    what u guys say? .. @saurabh and god_of_guitar.. whats ur opinion about granada & hobmer guitars?
  18. god_of_guitar

    god_of_guitar New Member

    all these companies .. (low end).. can have good and bad guitars.. some guitars turn out to be really good and some reaaly bad.. so DONT go by what the shopkeeper tells.. best would be to take a friend or iur guitar teacher who knows how to play guitar for ur first purchase..
  19. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    i second!!!
  20. T_1000

    T_1000 New Member

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