Guitar, Amplifier, processor at throw away price

Discussion in 'Buy - Sell Used Musical Instruments' started by sidharthchauhan, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. sidharthchauhan

    sidharthchauhan New Member

    1. Kramer Voyager - Van Halen vintage guitar + Free Hard Shell case - I bought for 35K - selling for 12K - very very good guitar and professional sound

    2. ESP LTD - AX -50 - electric guitar - bought for 18K - selling for 6K

    3. Laney LX-65D amplifier - bought for 15K - selling for 6K

    4. Zoom G9.2tt guitar processor - bought for 24K - selling for 6K

    I am leaving pune this sunday(16th december night) and hence I have to sell these items asap. Hence the low prices.

    I am leaving for USA.

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  2. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    What happens if you are not able to sell 'em?
    Also the pix always help.
  3. sidharthchauhan

    sidharthchauhan New Member

    I'll just dump them at my parents place before leaving. I'll attach pics in the night...
  4. kavish kumar

    kavish kumar New Member

    interested in amp and processor,, but i live in delhi,,,,:D
  5. sidharthchauhan

    sidharthchauhan New Member

    pics attached..
  6. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Sweet ... The Kramer is a looker!
    For a moment I had an impression it would be Frankenstrat since you mentioned Van Halen.

    I would've picked this up if I was still playing the guitar ...
    I assume your parents are also in Pune, can we do the transactions even after you've left, say I have a change of mind later?
  7. sidharthchauhan

    sidharthchauhan New Member

    well my parents are not in pune...They are in AP. i am going there before leaving for US. But if you can confirm if you would like to buy till Sunday I can leave it at my friends place. I would have not sold this if I hadn't needed the money as this is true vintage stuff. Kramer doesn't make this stuff anymore.

    The guitar is pretty awesome, the build and all is true quality stuff. Great low action. Its a shame Kramer doesn't make these guitars any more.

  8. Chikoo2010

    Chikoo2010 New Member

    will u be visiting bangalore before leaving???
  9. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    I'll pass the magnificent opportunity for now. :(
    What I was thinking about is few months from now ...
  10. slash_9215

    slash_9215 New Member

    i will buy the amplifier.I am from AP. I stay in Hyderabad. Can i take it after 2 weeks coz there's a wedding in the house.
  11. sidharthchauhan

    sidharthchauhan New Member

    processor and amp - sold!..both guitars available..
  12. sidharthchauhan

    sidharthchauhan New Member

    everything is sold!
  13. kenshi64

    kenshi64 New Member

    Aww man... :(
  14. parthpatel645

    parthpatel645 New Member

    hey i have too got a processor amp and guitar just about 2 months old....guitar and amp just 1 month old absolutely excellent condition.
    Guitar Greg Bennet 24k. sell at 22k
    processor Boss gt-10 31k. sell at 27k (negotiable)
    amp rolland micro cube 10, 8.2k sell at 6.5k

    if bought all at once can give away at 53k

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