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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by dhim, Jun 25, 2004.

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    Dear Jayanth,

    I am sure a lot of people here at IGT would welcome a "guide to buying an electric guitar". Additionally a whole of gizmos like sliders, capo, amps, distortion effxts, "lever that you pull" are available............ a line or 2 explaining what they are will also be required? I think you would be the best person to give out the details.

    Ditto for Bass Guitars.

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    i second that..... \:D/
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  4. dhim

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    Some more Help required...

    "Coming bact to Acoustic, Hobners are easy to play on and are inexpensive. Go for a good Processor like the Boss compressor and get a good pickup. Connect it to your computer or your Amplifier . You wil sound like a professional Guitarist."

    Can you please explain what is a "processor" / "Boss Compressor" ???

    Thanks for the info....

    d h i m

  5. jayanth

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    a processor processes the sound t ogive you clearer and better tone.. A Boss Compressor.. Boss is the company.. A compressor will remove noise and those unwanted frequencies...
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    guitar buying shop to be avoided

    no matter which ever guitar you buy...but if you happen to live in delhi then you must have heard the name of this shop " Bharat Music House", the one in lajpat nagar....dont buy any gear from those a**holes....though on the day of making the purchase they will be very sweet to you but their after sales behavour sucks to the core...they behave as if they are doing some sort of charity...they are rude and illmannered once you have made the purchase...m crying till date why i made the purchase from that shop...rather i should have tried the "ON-STAGE" shop....i would have been 100 times happier....God save those who will make purchase from that shop...

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