Greatest comedy song ever ?

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    Hi friends ,

    I watch lot of movies (mostly comedy movies) , most of them contains
    comedy songs .

    Even in past some serious movies like Pyaasa ( sar jo tera chakraaye ya dil )
    have comedy song in it .

    In some suspense movies like Gumnaam ( hum kaale hain to kya hua ) have
    comedy song in it .

    According to me song " Aa ke seedhi lagi dil pe jaise katariya teri tirchi
    nazariya " ( MOVIE : HALF TICKET) is the best .

    It is due to dance of kishor kumar & pran and female voice of kishor ji along
    with manna de .

    Which song is greatest ever comedy song for you and why , please reply .

    Wait for your view's .


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