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  1. varmas11

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    hey guys, check out this new indian artist, saurabh varma. he's a singer-songwriter and has a few covers as well as a few originals on his site. hope you like it! thanks

    I hope you're not disgusted. I was just writing in third person as a joke. hah

  2. varmas11

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    I'll be - by edwin mccain
    captivity - original
    one sweet life - original
    sweet little bird - original with gillz on harmonies

    sittin' on the dock of the bay [video] - by otis redding
  3. Keoraf

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    Enjoyed watching your video Saurabh, you did a wonderful job, great voice and good guitaring aswell. Listened your original works too, they were good aswell, keep going man!!!
  4. anshammer

    anshammer MR. - 2 - MINZ

    hmmmmmmm...goood voice!!!...good goin...

    take care...
    keep posting..!

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