Good Old College Days

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    Dedicate this Song to my College,
    MMK College, Bandra

    Entered the College Gate,
    I was getting Late,
    Holding a small Coke Glass,
    I had to attend a Class

    Ran to the 2nd Floor saw the Dean,
    He asked me, Come here Boy, where have you been ?

    Got into the Class,
    The Lecture Began,
    It was so boring,
    I slept and started snoring

    Suddenly a Chalk hit my Head,
    The Prodessor Said,
    "Please Get out",
    Had to do it without a doubt

    Sat down at the Library,
    Started reading Records & History,
    I got things a bit Noisy,
    and was Asked to leave in a Jiffy

    Reached the Canteen,
    Seen my Pals,
    They said they were busy,
    with some new Gals

    The Day got Worse,
    It Rained
    Reached home wet and completely drained

    Now that College is over,
    Thats one Day i like to forget,
    But was fun to be Frank
    I really miss those Days....

    Neil Dsouza
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    hey, good one... the rhymes are so spontaneous!
    i too had written a poem on this... check it out :)

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