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    Hello All,
    I have been playing the acoustic guitar(pluto) for quite some time.
    I have future plans of buying an electric guitar.
    I have heard Silverstone package consisting of guitar, strap, amplifier etc is good for starters.
    I also have a desire to buy Ibanez model rg370dx :D but have no concept about the floating tremolo :( (should it be a problem if I buy this one right at the beginning?)
    Heard that rg321ex stock is over in India.Any updates on this model?
    please update me with the price of the model that you mention if you have any idea.
    I am confused at present.

    My next question is that if I buy a guitar via will it be in good condition?
    I ask this cos I have never bought anything by ordering online.

    Lastly for the people staying in Bangalore.
    can you suggest me a good electric guitar shop?

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. abhijitsaikia

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    Amazon???? Check in www(dot)ebay(dot)in/geb as they have free shipping of goods from US.

    For Guitar shops in Bangalore check www(dot)indianguitartabs(dot)com/showthread.php?t=19624

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    Read The Guide - it has the same answers which everyone gives to these kind of questions, and will help you in making an informed choice.


    buy les paul @rs10000only..
  6. cheesy_chester

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    @carlos santana dude which les paul cost 10,000

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