golden exersize for the right hand.

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    How to achieve speed?

    For this purpose it is necessary for guitarist to develop technics of the right hand - fast alternation of pick stroke upwards-downwards (a variable stroke). The more quickly the right hand will make alternating strokes, the quicker the playing will be.

    It is necessary to begin from the most usual tremolo (fast recurrence of one note). Triplets are the most effective way of learning to play a tremolo. Try to begin each of your lessons with a tremolo. It develops (and well warms up) the right hand. The tremolo notes must sound dynamically equal (all sounding notes of equal loudness) and with equal tempo.

    For example, you wish to learn a high-speed passage. I offer the following simple blues phrase in "A" as an example:


    First you need to learn in slow tempo and in convenient key with rational pick strokes. After you've done it, play a tremolo of each note, i.e. each note in a passage it is necessary to take three times (if it is the eighth) like this:


    The tremolo should be loud (a silent tremolo does not make effect). Play thus 10 - 15 minutes (with small breaks) up to feeling of weariness in your right hand. The weariness speaks that muscles work as they must do. In my experience each student playing given technique, develops his own nuances. The right hand as though itself finds the most convenient position while playing, - it is only necessary " to force it to work". When you are good at playing this passage with tremolo, try to play it in the original.

    I often hear a question: " How many it is necessary to be engaged so that to come to high speed?" - It's individually. For someone it's necessary 2 hours, for another 2 days, and for someone it is not necessary at all (i'm kidding :). Here introspection is necessary, that is you should feel improvement of technics. Clearly one, that the most effective way - "gold" exercise for the right hand.

    Play your own passages by this principle, solos, improvizations, rock, jazz and blues phrases... If you have great patience, you will see huge advantage of this technique and feel the results. If you do not see any result most likely you were engaged either incorrectly or insufficiently long. Though it is possible to play legato or tapping, but it sounds less brightly and energetically.

    i will soon post more exersizes.......... :rock:
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    ummm skater, was all that written by u?

    anyway nice post on tremolo picking ... but the actual problem faced is not just right hand movement ... also the left finger movements ...
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