Give it a read and a listen!!!

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    Give it a read and a listen!!!

    “Abstract Point Of View” was Faraz Anwar’s debut Instrumental album. It was released in 2001 by Gnarly Geezer records owned by Allan Holdsworth. This album gave Faraz international recognition. Abstract Point of View generated outstanding album reviews and this album was reviewed not only in English but also in French, German, Spanish and Russian. Everyone who reviewed the album praised the music of Faraz Anwar and mentioned his name with the best guitar players like Allan Holdsworth, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, John Petrucci etc.

    “The best painted picture I can possibly give you is something along the lines of taking Jason Becker, Alan Holdsworth, Steve Vai, Dave Uhrich, Ronnie Montrose and John Petrucci, put all their songwriting and musicianship skills into one person and you have this Faraz Anwar entity” (

    “This may be a mistaken assumption, but one imagines that the yellow pages in Pakistan do not contain a huge selection of guitar teachers specializing in rock, metal, fusion and jazz. Apparently influenced by an early Malmsteen video, a young Faraz Anwar honed his craft from the Paul Gilbert tutorials – and has emerged as a guitar virtuoso with a standard of musicianship and classical sensibility that stands shoulder to shoulder with the Satriani / Vai / McAlpine / Johnson set” (Sea Of Tranquility)

    more if u follow the link!

    wat do u guys think??.....
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    Good find man. Reps. I dig Faraz Anwar. Hez practically the best rock/metal guitarist in Pakistan, and the best in all genres technique-wise. Awesome stuff. I wish I could be half as good as him. Hey someone knows wht guitar is he playing in that video? Usually hez playing a Jackson DKMG, but in the video there, hez playing something else. I'll share some stuff about him tht I have. Adios

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